• Birthdate: 1993-May-23.
  • Profession: Actor.
  • Talent Company: Watanabe Entertainment.
  • Associated Acts: D2
  • Spotlight films: Messiah (2011), Life is Dead (2012)
  • Spotlight dramas:  –
  • Films to watch for: Gachi-ban Supremacy 2 (2013)
  • Awards: 0
  • Contests: 1 (21st JUNON Super Boy Contest)

Arai joined D2, which is known as the spin-off group of D-Boys, in 2009 after winning the 21st JUNON Super Boy Contest.


Arai has yet to act in a drama apart from minor character roles or short appearances such as  in Tumbling (TBS/2010), or in the tv specials Chushingura~Oishi Kuranosuke (TV Asahi/2010), Nohime (TV Asahi/2012)  and in the TBS special High School Kageki ~ Otoko-gumi (TBS/ 2012) acting as one of the students, and in the stageplay the drama is based on.


Nonetheless he is more active in films, and since joining has starred in a number both as a minor character and lead. The first movie Arai acted in was the 2010 D2 film Pole Dancing Boys (2011), which starred all 10 members of D2 at the time as young men that discover pole dancing. His second film was Messiah (2011), and co-starred with a number of Tokusatsu actors: Inoue Masahiro (Decade), Minehiro Kinomoto (Accel), Jinnai Sho (Enter), Takahashi Ryuki (Utahoshi Kengo) and Matsuda Satoshi (Knight) as the leader of Sakura. And later Arai became one of those tokusatsu actors with his role in the Kamen Rider Mega Max (2011) movie.

Then in 2012 Arai had his biggest break with lead role in the japanese horror movie, a continuation of the popular chasing world franchise, with Real Onigokko 4 (2012), after which he played lead in Life is Dead, a zombie flick with him the protagonist, and in both Gachi-ban WORST MAX co-starring with Kubota Masataka, and Gachi-ban tribal as main character Reo. At the end of 2012 Arai along with other D2 member Nishii Yukito was cast in Takeshi Miikes bloodbath high school slasher film  Lesson of the Evil | Aku no Kyoten (2012).

For 2013 Arai only has one movie lined up for release, the continuation film, Gachi-ban Supremacy 2 (2013) returning as Reo.


This year Reo makes a comeback in his third Gachiban film – Gachiban chronicle (2014).


Arai first made his debut on stage in the play adaptaion Hana Oni (2010) in the role of the schools physichian Takahashi. He then appeared in the 2010 D-BOYS stage Trial 2: GAME (2010) as an opposing baseball player. Two years later, 2012, Arai returned to the stage in both High School Kakegi ~ Otoko-gumi (2012) in the same role he played in the TBS special, as well as, acted with all memebers of D2 in thier first stageplay D-stage 12th: Trump (2012).

2013 also saw him act in Saotome Taichi’s stage play 主演公演神州天馬侠, as well as part of the assemble D-group cast in Dステ14th Twelfth Night (2013).


This year he acts in Loves’ Condor (2014)


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