Queer as Folk: Brian and Justin: Gallery: Season 2

Season 2 and Justin has some-what recovered; he’s sustained injury to his motor skills and lost memory of the dance with Brian but overall still alive. He initially has physical contact phobia (something later cured), He has financial woes resulting in him working at Babylon for a short time for which Brian isn’t impressed. Also his college life is ruined momentary with not being able to draw due to the injury. Meanwhile, Brian on the other hand has to deal with new feelings of ‘jealously’ and work problems, such as making partner in the agency. Also in this season Brian comes out to his homophobic catholic Irish mother and calls Justin his ‘partner’ for the first time.

Justin wakes up from his coma, and after a violent outburst at his mother for forbidden Brian seeing him, moves back into the loft to live. Soon, Justin’s life resumes as normal attending PIFA, however that is short-lived as he discovers he can’t draw anymore with a gimp hand. He also has money troubles with his father stopping to pay his tuition, forcing Justin to work at Babylon. However, soon Justin comes to his senses and takes Brian up on his offer to pay for Justin, as an investment. As a couple, Brian and Justin face the difficultly of Justin not remembering the attack and developing a phobia of physical touch. Justin also wants to know where he stands in Brian’s life, which leads to the establishment of the  ‘rules’, including the rule: kiss no one on the mouth but each other. A rule Justin later breaks as he begins to spend time and fall in love with Ethan Gold, a violinist he meet on his birthday. And with Brian seen fucking Rage (a superhero Justin and Michael created for their comic book) the last straw, Justin publicly leaves Brian for Ethan at the launch party. The two broken up at the end of the season.

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