Toei Hero Next #1 – Piece ~ Kioku no Kakera

These gifs are from the first TOEI HERO NEXT, which starred KR OOOs leading men Watanabe Shu and Miura Ryosuke.

Watanabe plays Tomo, a freelance journalist who witnessed the death of his girlfriend three years ago, but can’t remember how she died. The only clue he has is a memory of her turning to stone as she said something in his arms. fast-forward, into the present day and Tomo is a deadbeat and a former shell of himself. Then one day a mysterious death occurs that is related to his deceased girlfriend. Also at the scene is ‘Rei’ a photographer with something to hide. Tomo soon tracks down Rei and learns the others secret, that he has MPD, and is willingly to help Tomo find out the truth about ‘Piece’.


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  1. KAT349 says:

    I justed watched it and when Ryosuke had to do all of of Rei’s personalties were so funny. My favourite are Jin-kun and Yu-kun

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