Trailer Dump: 2 Anticipated Titles (and a little fan-girling about Sometani XD)

Title: The Light Shines Only There (Soko nomi nite Hikari Kagayaku)

Starring: Ayano Go, Suda Masaki, Ikewaki Chizuru

Genre: Drama, Family, Romance


Starring: Sometani Shota, Ito Hideaki, Nagasawa Masami, Emoto Akira

Genre: Comedy

People who like Sometani because of his brilliant acting in Himizu often don’t see the man as the comedy genius that he is – okay so that statement might be an exaggeration, but Sometani does shine in comedy roles (Watch Minna ESPER, if you don’t believe). And he just has this aurora that means he’s good at anything, a true artist of the screen (and if he can make a good director, behind the screen as well). He makes characters weird and wacky, as well as dark and brooding, angsty and happy come to life.  Characters that you can relate too, feel their emotions, step into their shoes. He can be all that. He can also make you laugh, cry, vent out in frustration, hit something because of anger and sheepishly smile at his antics and storytelling. Which is why he one of my favourite actors – not just about of Japan, but in the whole world). ♥♥♥

That said, any fan of Sometani or indeed Japanese cinema should see WOOD JOB (or at least watch the trailer).


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