Why you should watch Ushijima the Loan Shark 2

If you haven’t watched the drama or first film then shame on you XD.

So what is Ushijima the Loan Shark? Based on a manga by Shohei Manabe, Ushijima the Loan Shark is a live-action series which began as a 2010 TV drama and was adapted to a feature film in 2012.  Takayuki Yamada stars as a loan shark named Ushijima who heads the illegal moneylending operation CowCow Finance while having to deal with a wide variety of deadbeat borrowers.

Currently in its second season, the drama is on air. With the film to be released in May, 2014.

So why should you watch it?

The cast, the cast, THE CAST !!!

Not only the two main leads Yamada Takayuki and Agano Go, but also the extended cast which is a like a dream come true.

Ushijima (Yamada Takayuki) is back, this time partnered with childhood friend Inui (Ayano Go), and tormenting another batch of unfortunate debtors.

Headlined by  Yamada Takayuki, who is arguably one the best Japanese actors of this generation, in a role I like to label “if Serizawa had a job”. Yamada channels his many roles, and most famous, to play the cold-but-warm hearted loan shark who would cut you in an instant if you did him wrong.  Simply put, its Yamada Takayuki do you need any more reason. Multi-award winner. Multi-talented individual. Sexy Man. nuff’ said.

He is partnered with Ayano Go who is arguably the most hot property at the moment with his rung of successful dramas and movies as of late.  Not to mention this isn’t the first (or second) project both have co-worked on. And with Ayano Go expected to gain even more momentum (more roles, more esteem) this year, why would you not watch.

Now onto the extended cast.

Rei Kanzaki (Kubota) a nobody coming from nothing to become no1. Host; Koji Aizawa (Nakao) rebel and leader of a bikie gang; Masaru Kaga (Suda) a deadbeat delinquent, and Ebinuma (Yuya) the creepy stalker.

Kubota Masataka (Rei Kanzaki) – picked as one to make it big this year (thanks Oricon). Kubota ain’t no stranger to the screen. FINALLY recognition he deserves. He is also a multi-award winning actor, with a number of popular, big-name titles to his name and worked with some the best in the industry. Each year he just keeps getting better and better (and looks more gorgeous with every role).

Suda Masaki (Masura Kaga) – the boy seems to be on fire! having won popularity with Kamen Rider, Suda has continued to mature (and shine) with each and every new role. Roles that are a far cry from ‘Philip”. Making career choices unlike his other Kamen Rider ‘brothers’, Suda has now established himself as a serious actor (with the talent to support him). Don’t be surprise to see several awards in Suda’s future.  Or him to be list as one the best Japanese actors of next generation. You can also see him co-starring with Ayano Go in Mipo O’s The Light Shines Only There (Soko nomi nite Hikari Kagayaku).


Yagira Yuya (Ebinuma) – If you don’t know Yuya then shame on you XD. Quiet for several years, Yuya made a big splash come back in the last two years. And the magic of his acting hasn’t gone. Yuya still steals the spotlight and chews up the scenery. Oh and by the way, the boy (he was only 12 when I first watch him) was my second love in terms of Japanese actors EVER. And with his comeback he might regain that title any day now.


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