Due to popular demand here is the series. TOEI HERO NEXT started in 2012 as a project to showcase the talents of previous Tokusatsu actors.

The first was “Piece ~ Kioku no Kakera”, which stared Kamen Rider OOOs hero’s Watanabe Shu and Miura Ryosuke as a duo investigating a mystery that has ties with the supernatural. Watanabe played a detective haunted by the death of his girlfriend, and Miura played “Rei” a photographer with Multiple Personality Disorder and connections to an object known as “Piece”.

The second film, “In the future, when I’m executed” starred Kamen Rider Fourze and Meteor actors, Fukushi Sota and Yoshizawa Ryo in a science fiction film, set in a not too distant future, where people are snatched from the present and put on trail (executed) for the crimes they commit.

The third film in the series is  “Love Gear” and stars actors from the Gokaiger series. Ozawa Ryota plays the hero of the film, Yuichi, a university student who falls in love with Lisa. Unbeknown to them. the pair are under surveillance by people in black suits, and to make things even more suspicious Yuichi’s childhood friend Takumi (Junya Ikeda) is in a rebel gang, ready for a revolution. The Gears of Destiny are in motion.!A0kxHAJJ!U3wVoRLZpwRiMnrrMoSvzA

[READ] I have rules. No streaming sites. And only available for two weeks. Please, if possible, buy the DVDs in support of the industry and so we can continue to be entertained by the actors, directors and everyone else involved XD. Please support Japanese cinema.

The forth film stars all six members of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger as a acting troupe in “We Are Bounty Hunters”. Ryusei Ryo plays the hero of the movie, an undercover detective assigned to investiagte the disappearance of Ando Riko. [MORE HERE]

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