SEIYA ♥ an A all-rounder: Acrobat, Atheletic, Angelic….

Seiya2 actor聖也

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Known for his acrobatic defeats and larger than life personality, SEIYA mainly appears in stage productions, performing in the genres of theatre and musicals. Gaining popularity as lucky Sengoku of Tenimyu second season, SEIYA later went on to achieve fame with lead chairman roles in both the Kyou Kara Maoh! musical and Shinsengumi PEACE MAKER. His other accomplishments also include the kids program “Together with Dad” as part of the main cast, and regular appearances on the variety show “SPORTS DANSHI” where he competes with other talented athletic actors/singers/dancers/and good friend (and Tokusatu actor) Sano Gaku.


Height: 170cm
Birthplace: Tokyo
Date of Birth: 1993年10月6日
Hobbies: DVD、listening to music、karaoke
Special Skills: FreeRunning、Parkour、XMA、acrobatics、swimming


Notable Works

SEIYA is a Japanese actor well known for his athleticism and acrobatics. And boy is he fit, as shown on SPORT DANSHI Grand Prix, where SEIYA has appeared consecutively for three years and won both “Monster Box” and “King Hit” as a show of his strength. (good friend and rival Sano Gaku also appears in the program as a regular and won the overall completion once at age 20, and came second in 2014-just).

He is also a hardcore Parkour and FreeRunning enthusiast. As seen is his DVDs.

Mostly a theatre performer, SEIYA has acted in “The Prince of Tennis Musical” (2011) as part of the second season Yambuki cast; played lead in both “Shinsengumi PEACE MAKER” (2012) and “Kyo Kara Maoh Musical” (2013); and acted in BASARA 1st & 2nd Chapter (2012) and “Tumbling vol 4 butai“(2013).  As well as appearing with Tori, Suddachi and Kento in the film “Kirin no Tsubasa

Furthermore he is a regular performer on the children’s education-entertainment program “Together with Dad” where he plays everyone’s favourite big brother and henshin into Ichijouman7, a superhero who travels around Japan helping fathers and kids find new and exciting ways to have fun together. (All I can say is for his age he is excellent with kids).


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