Endo Yuya

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From the inception was leader of D-BOYS, and served as one of the first three members (2003-2012) up until  graduation from the troupe on September 17th, 2012.

This recently graduated D-BOY started his career as a child star at age 11, before achieving fame as the leader of the all-male Wanatanbe Entertainment singing, acting, dancing troupe D-BOYs formed in 2004. He rose to success acting in Tenimyu, various D-BOYS stage plays and several dramas and films including the coming of age film Ain’t no Tomorrows (2008) where he plays a high school student awaking his sexuality with co-star Ando Sakura. In 2010 he had a minor role in Boys on the Run (2010), and 2011 played a North Korean in Hard Romanticker (2011). His last role as a D-BOY was as a rival yankee leader in the drama Sugarless (2012).

Now graduated from D-Boys, but still signed to the Watanabe Entertainment label, Endo continues to pursue his passion for acting with an upcoming role in the CZ continuation film CROWS EXPLODE (2014).


Height: 171cm
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Date of Birth: 1987年03月20日
Hobbies: DVD、listening to music、 collecting sneakers
Special Skills: Athletics, basketball


Notable Works

Endo started his acting career at age 13 in the film Juvenile (2000) and at the same time also appeared in the drama Yasha (2000). He then went on to achieve success with several dramas and movies, however, his most know work is with Tenimyu in the chairman role of Echizen Ryoma.

Endo took over the role as replacement for Yanagi (” who calls Endo his darling”) who had been severely injured in a fatal car accident. Endo played the part for several shows, co-sharing some with Yanagi as he continued recovery; Yanagi performing the acting side, while Endo did the dances and tennis choreography. During this time their friendship blossomed and the pair received a nickname within the fandom “En-Yana” and consider the other best friend, and rival.

Their friendship best seen in DD-BOYS (2005), where Endo and Yanagi  are  owner-renters of “D-House”, and along with other D-BOY members (who just keep turning up),  have to complete tasks in exchange for money to pay the 200,000 yen rent. The program is a pseudo-documentary style, where each episode starts with a skit, then someone is told to read the “line of fate” and that person(s) takes part as a daredevil in a challenge (some tailored to that individuals special skill). The challenge is then filmed as a documentary. In episode 7 Yuuyan and Yanagi went fishing at Miura Beach.

As well as Tenimyu, Endo is known for his work with D-stage productions, appearing in four productions (“Sold Out”, “Karasu~10”, “NOW LOADING”) with the troupe during his stint with D-BOYS. His last project “Our Bad Magnet” (2012).
Endo graduated from the troupe late 2012.

Known for his dramatic acting and typecast in the “not-so-nice-guy” roles, Endo embraced the opportunity to act as Satake, a rival Yankee in the Gachiban movie Gachiban SUPERMAX (2012). A role he reprised in the recent film GACHIBAN EXPENDED (2013) and joins the list of previous actors including Kubozuka Shunsuke (1,2), Kazuma Sano (2-6, 11, 12,16-18), Kubota Masataka (7-14, 16), Arai Atsushi (14,15,17) and new kid Reiya Masaki (19) who have acted as main characters in the Gachiban franchise.


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