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Arai Atsushi

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Arai joined D2, which is known as the spin-off group of D-Boys, in 2009 after winning the 21st JUNON Super Boy Contest at which time Arai started acting. His first role in the documentary-drama “Crossing the Rubicon” (2009) as the young pro-golfer Ishikawa Ryo.  He then went on to act his first stage play “Hana Oni” (2010) and in the D-Stage production “Trial 2 – Last Game” (2010).

Active since 2009, Arai has appeared in movies, dramas and on stage with both D-stage productions and other theatre companies. He even won the role to play Leo, a main character in the Gachiban series, which has seen him appear in four tie-in films to date, the latest Gachiban Chronicles (2014).  Furthermore Arai has been cast as lead in three films, making him one the most successful D2 members as of start 2014 and could be considered the “maverick” actor of the group (a title he would share with Nishii Yukito) for his choice in character roles. Additionally his resume boasts some very popular titles.

As of 2013, D2 has merged with D-BOYS making Arai a member of the all-male acting, dancing, troupe.


Height: 183cm
Birthplace: Saitama
Date of Birth: 1993年05月23日
Hobbies: DVD watching, soccer, sleeping
Special Skills: athletics, drums

To sum up Arai, on-screen he is a maverick actor, while off-screen he is a nervous, awkward, and timid individual. His father was opposed to Arai’s decision to pursue acting, so Arai worked hard to achieve his goal and receive the blessing of his father, which he got after the man watched him act on stage for the first time. Now he has his support 100%.  He is a conscientious actor, always aware of his talent but at the same time challenging himself to better himself and test his acting skills. As he takes on diverse roles and plans to continue that for the rest of his career.

Notable Works

As a member of D2, and subsequently D-BOYS, Arai co-acted with (then) D2 members in the 2011 film “Pole Dancing Boys” as Atsushi, long suffering friend and manzai partner of Shintaro (Akutsu Shintaro) who enters the athletic world of woman’s pole dancing. All 10 members appeared as various characters in the movie, however Arai x Akutsu shared co-lead.

Another role Arai is best known for is as Erie in the live-action adaptation “Messiah” (2011) which starred a number of Tokusatsu actors, including D-BOY member Takahashi Ryuki. Later Arai also became one of those Toku actors with his guest role as Kamen Rider Aqua in the Kamen Rider Mega Max Movie (2011). Arai played the lead Erie, a Sakura member who infiltrates a high school and even got to share a kiss with co-star Ryu XD.

However, Arai’s biggest break out in the leading role was in 2012, in the Japanese horror movie, a continuation of the popular chasing world franchise, with Real Onigokko 4 (2012), and later the zombie flick Life is Dead (2012) before winning the role of the protagonist Leo in Gachiban WORST MAX (2012) and Gachiban Tribal (2012).

As of 2014, Arai has reprise the role of Reo, a violent delinquent youth with a deadbeat abusive dad who found payday with modelling a total of four times. And battled with both Hayato (Kubota Masataka) and Monji (Kazuma Sano).

Arai is closest, although all D2 members are close, with Akutsu Shintaro. Shin, who joined near the same time as Arai, was Arai’s co-star in the “Pole Dancing Boys” and the duo have starred together in an idol DVD titled The First Message #2 “Versus“. The friends also are paired on several other D2 projects. As well as were the only two back-up dancers for D☆DATE first concert – 1st Tour 2011 Summer Date Live 手をつないで (Te o Tsunaide).

As part of D2’s first TV program “TV Kyokuchuu Hatto” (2013), Arai plays the role of Captain of the Fourth Unit Matsubara Chuuji, an expert in Jujutsu in the Shinsengumi skits. He is also part of the singing units “FUNKY TAISHI BROTHERS” (as eldest brother Tani Sanjuro) and “You too” (as Ryoma)

Since joining D2, Arai has acted in three D-stage productions. The first “Trial 2 – Last Game” (2010) as a rival Kaido baseball player. The second “Trump” (2012) where he played the lackey vampire George, in both productions “Truth” and “Reverse“. And last year acted in “Twelfth Night” (2013) in the role of Sebastian, the lost twin brother of Olivia (played by Usui Masahiro). He can be seen kissing fellow D2 member Ikeoka Ryosuke.


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  1. suyomi says:

    After all, they were classmates when they were in the 2nd year of senior high, Akkun and IkeP. He is, in my opinion, the most talented when he gets serious. I love when he is dancing, his formation and posture are beautiful and amazing.

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