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KUBOTA Masataka

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Active since 2006, it was Masa’s mother who recommend he fill out an application with Stardust. He later debuted at the age of 18. As well as acting, Masa also was a former member of the j-pop hip-hop group ROM-4 who released the title track “Keep it Goin’ on” for the drama Check it out yo! in Tokyo, which reached the Oricon charts. And in 2013 returned to the music scene as a member of the band CRUDE PLAY (comprised of Miura Shohei, Kubota Masataka, Mizuta Kouki, and Asaka Kodai) formed for the movie The Liar and His Lover | Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru (2013). The band releasing the EP  “Sayonara no Junbi wa, Mou Dekiteita”.  Masa plays Bass in the band.

A very versatile actor, Masa has acted with some of the biggest names in the industry, and tipped to even get better and better (finally, because he has been underappreciated for too long!).  His duo personality of boyish charms and badass masculinity, has won Masa diverse TV and film character roles from teenage hood to adult hood including a transgendered teen, a submissive sidekick, an out-of-depth teacher, the nice guy that doesn’t finish last, and several antagonist roles (including playing murderers, and one of his most notable roles as super-psychotic yankee Kuronaga Hayato from the Gachiban film series, which has seen Kubota star in nine films to date).

And when not playing leading man, he is the supporting character that outshines the protagonist. ♥


Masa’s role as Fukuda Ryota,  a young high school aged man struggling to provide for himself and his senile grandmother, burdened by his mother’s debt winning him both Rookie of the Year at the 34th Yokohama Film Festival and Best Supporting Actor Award at the 27th Takasaki Film Festival. While his role as protagonist Kuronaga Hayato, of the Gachiban Max series, won him an Japanese Action Award (2013).


Height: 173cm
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Date of Birth: 1988年08月06日
Hobbies: music, DVD, bikes, guitar
Special Skills: basketball, dance (hip hop and breakdancing)

Kubota Masataka (a.k.a Masa), is a graduate from the same school as D-BOY member Yanagishita Tomo (Kanagawa Prefecture Industrial High School). He is the youngest of three brothers, and a former member of the acting troupe Jamming Flow, with his good friend Kazuma Sano, whom he shares a blog with called “Kazmasayuki Feat. U (previously known as “Kazmasa” 2008-2011 before the addition of Matsuoka Yuki).

From his youth Masa considered himself a wild child and lover of film and drama. He admired actors such as Takayuki Yamada and Ichihara Hayato. Hence he entered the world of showbiz.


Notable Works

Although relatively new to acting, Masa has starred in the number of films and TV dramas, each year getting more and more popular. He first started out in Check it out yo! in Tokyo (Fuji TV/ 2006), where along with his cast mates Kimura Ryo, Kaji Masaki and Watabe Gota released the OP song ‘Keep it Goin’ as the group ROM-4.  The song successfully going on to reach the Oricon charts.

However, Masa’s big breakout was in the Takeshi Miike produced Tokusatsu Ketai Sosakan 7  (TV Tokyo / 2008-2009) as the protagonist Amishima Keita.

Keita is a normal high school kid that one night, trying to leave Tokyo to meet up with a friend from Osaka becomes involved in a attack by a rogue piece of construction equipment. Thankfully, though a man named Takimoto arrives with his ‘buddy’ to save him. Incredibly, however, Takimoto’s ‘buddy’ is a walking, talking cell phone known as Seven that successfully hacks into the virus controlling the machine and stops the madness, but not before Takimoto is seriously injured. As Takimoto lies on his deathbed he summons Keita and announces that he wants Keita to be Sevens new buddy because as a human, Keita can’t help but be nice. Keita takes the responsibility of Takimoto’s death and soon enters as a trainee for the organization know as ‘Under Anchor’. At Under Anchor agents are buddied with cell phones (or bravers) like Seven and investigate cybercrimes, especially those controlled by number 01; the first phone braver.

 He then went on to act as Ken in Xmas no Kiseki (Fuji TV / 2009). Before a successful stream of guest roles in popular series including Joker:  Yurusarezaru Sousakan (Fuji TV / 2010), Honboshi: Shinri Tokusou Jikenbo (TV Asahi / 2011), and Gegege’s Wife (NHK/ 2010) where he played  rookie manga artist Kurata along with Saito Takumi and Emoto Tokio.

Then in 2011 he landed his first lead in the drama series Karyu no Utage (NHK/ 2011) as a young adult at ends with his mother over the woman he wants to marry. The same year he also jumped at the chance to work with Takashi Miike a third time, and Saito Takumi again, in the live-action adaptation QP  (NTV / 2011). His character, Eiji, a made-for-drama role.

Masa has also acted a number of antagonist roles, although recently had a string of ‘nice-guy’ characters such as in Summer Nude (2013), Limit (2013) , and Saikou no Rikon (Fuji TV/ 2013). The roles opening Masa up to a whole new kind of fan-base and fans.

However, Masa will always be  best known for his role as psychotic-yankee Kuronaga Hayato, the star of the Gachiban MAX series.

other film roles Masa will be remembered for include We Can’t Change The World But, We Wanna Build a School in Cambodia. (2011)

As well as his multi-award winning role in the The Cowards Who Looked To The Sky | Fugainai Boku wa Sora wo Mita (2012) as Fukuda Ryota,  a young high school aged man struggling to provide for himself and his senile grandmother, burdened by his mother’s debt.


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  1. nerdvana says:

    He’s like Kengo Kora. Always the supporting actor who always steal the scene. I have only seen him in Cowards but I want to see more and i’ll try my best to watch the movies you mentioned here. I’ve seen him first in an asadora starring Mukai Osamu, he was only a guest there but he left good impression.

    1. fiibii says:

      Yeah, Gegege no Nyobo is a good asadora and I love all the cast of manga artist. If you liked that then We Can’t Change The World But, We Wanna Build a School in Cambodia is a good watch. Same cast just substitute Tori for Takumi XD its a depressing but uplifting film (and almost guarantee you’ll fall in love with Masa). Most of his dramas I would recommend, X’mas no Kiseki and his tok work my personal favourites, however Saikou no Rikon and Summer Nude are also good (and are his most recent).

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