SAITO Takumi

SAITOactor singer斎藤工
Saito Takumi

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Having his father work within the film industry, Takumi as a kid in his childhood spent many hours watching movies, however it was a modelling career that Takumi initially chose. He debuted in his first fashion magazine at the age of 15 and later during his high school years continued to model under the name TAKUMI (both in Japan and overseas) whilst studying. After graduation he then acted in the film, the Japanese remake of the Korean romance “Remember Me” | Toki no kaori: Remember me (2001) when scouted by the producer, and a few years later progressed his acting career auditioning for a role in Umizaru, which he got.

Signer, song-writer, actor, model, and good (in not fluent) in English, Takumi has massed a large loyal international fan base. Popular for his Boys Love films, as well as Tenimyu, Takumi has also acted in several late-night dramas which showcase his many talents including prowess in martial arts, fit physique (“Kurohyo”,”Boys on the Run“) and dramatic acting (“The Brothers Karamazov“) However, with recent acclaim back home Takumi has started to gain more attention acting in prime-time dramas (“Miss Pilot“, “Someday at a Place in the Sun“) and cemented his label as ‘ladykiller’

Furthermore, as well as being active in stage productions, on TV and in films, Takumi also does voice-acting for games and animated movies.


Height: 184cm
Birthplace: Tokyo
Date of Birth: 1981年08月22日
Hobbies: travel, music, DVD, boxing, soccer, photography, poems
Special Skills: capoeira, aikido, English conversation

Takumi initially started as a model under the name TAKUMI, and modelled both on runways and in fashion magazines. Whilst in school, he juggled both school work and a modelling career that took him overseas for jobs to Europe and Asia, and even spent two years in Paris. During his career he modelled for Les Fees Couture (bridal), MASTER MIND, Issey Miyake, Calvin Klein (Tokyo), soto stitch, Francesco Smalto (Paris) and others.

However, after graduation (a graduate from Japan Gakuen High School), Takumi aimed to enter Film School instead of pursuing modelling. His father intervened though and said “film is not something you learn behind a desk, but by experience”. In response to his fathers words, Takumi turned to an acting career instead. And a few years later launched his music career (2008-present).

A huge movie lover himself, Takumi is not shy to depart is wisdom about cinema and/or opinions as well as support the cinema industry. A patron of the arts, Takumi has been guests at film festivals, hosted a few panels, and recently was honoured in becoming an appointed judge for the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2014, which focuses on uncelebrated artists, off-theatre productions and homages to filmmakers who have made contributions to cinema. Takumi also writes about movies (as well as poetry, song lyrics, quotes, essays, opinions that make you think for hours after reading his post) in his ‘progressive’ blog (lets just say its very different to your typical idol blog) where he also discusses social issues and world events (never about his work, except for one very special occasion).

Takumi is very interested in social and ecological issues, something maybe passed to him by his parents who are self-confessed hippies. He is a LGBTIQ ally/activist, and even himself admits (on TV!) that his sexuality is fluid. (that he loves woman now, but is not close-minded to loving a man in the future). Several years back, Takumi acted as the protagonist in BL films and used the notoriety he gained to do interviews where he was outspoken about the stigma of homosexuality, the struggles gay men face, as well as admitting he has gay friends and hopes one day that homophobia doesn’t exist and [homosexulas] are accepted by society without prejudice.


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  1. Dreamer says:

    Thanks so much for this detailed and updated profile. I’ve been a fan for a while now, since 2005. It’s his birthday today, and I was just trying to fill my day with things about him. I knew he’d just directed a film short, but I didn’t realise that he also guests and judges at film festivals, too. I’m glad. I just feel sometimes that I’m a little further away, not nearer. But if that is a hallmark and price of his success, then I am more than willing to pay my share.

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