SUDA Masaki

SUDA Masaki actor 菅田将暉
Suda Masaki

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Every now and then a star is born because of Tokusatsu. For  Sugo Taisho, better known as by his stage name Suda Masaki,  Kamen Rider W (double) did just that. A true diamond in the rough, Suda has demonstrated hidden exceptional talent and a mass of future potential, which is only now being seen and acclaimed. Especially with his most recent movie endeavours that include the role that won him a New Actor award (“Tomogui”) at the 37th Japan Academy Award. In fact, Suda has developed a taste for  playing the quirky, sinister and more unconventional characters.  As psycho drama says he is ‘fearless and a daredevil’.

Initially having been a finalist for both Amuse and top 12 in the 21st JUNON SUPERBOY CONTEST, Sugo Taisho later signed with Topcoat in 2008. In 2009 his stage name was decided “Suda Masaki” and at the same time  auditioned and successfully won the role “Philip” in the TV series Kamen Rider W. The role Suda’s breakout performance and led to the young actor starring in a number of TV dramas, several of which are memorable character roles – one of which won him a “Best Supporting Actor” award for the devil you know, Akuma in the drama “Shinigami-kun” beating out Ikematsu Sosuke for the win.

However its his film work that makes Suda Masaki stand out (or shine) as a rising Japanese star of the next generation. So watch this space.


Height: 176cm
Birthplace: Osaka
Date of Birth: 1993年02月21日
Hobbies: soccer, dance, DVD
Special Skills: piano

Suda Masaki is the oldest of three brothers, he was born in Osaka, however never really showed the stereotype tendencies of being a loud obnoxious Kansai-jin. As a child he played soccer and learnt to play the piano. He is also very family orientated. And compared to some of his on-screen personalities, is in fact a very conscientious person, calm and composed, soft-spoken and the type to think about things theoretically and understand (or so said by his father).

He also has an interesting fashion sense.


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