“We are a Bounty Hunter Team”

You can check out a synopsis of the other three movies in the series HERE but these movies are all stand alone so you don’t need to have watched them to understand. You also don’t need to have watched Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, but knowing the personalities of the characters in that compared to this movie just makes it more hilarious.

The film is set in the same world as Kyoryuger and takes place in January 2014 when the Deboss Army attacks Earth. However that doesn’t have an effect on the overall plot. Apart from a few sporadic news stories on the television, the same school uniform Soiji wears appearing and the troupe dinning out at “Tiger Boy” the family restaurant Amy works at.


When there is a bounty to collect the actors of Theatre Gekidan Bazooka take action. After being summoned by Toshiaki Kanehara (Maruyama Atsushi) a group of four actors, himself, and a neighbourhood police officer named Aoki (Yamato Kinjo) set out to search for a missing women.

Heading the operation is Kanehara the mastermind behind the scripts and owner of Theatre Gekidan Bazooka. His leading man Shintaro Midori (Shiono Akihasa) an Academy Award-winning actor who is all sex, confidence and kick ass. His leading lady, femme fatale high school girl Sakuragawa Kaori (Konno Ayuri). And the supporting actors  Kuroda Ken (Saito Syuusuke), a moe character and newcomer Akai Tatsuya (Ryusei Ryo), an otaku obsessed with “Hells Face” his favourite superhero.


Ryo Ryusei (Daigo Kiryu / KyoryuRed) plays the role of fialed job hunter called Tatsuya Akai. He is also an Otaku like Akiba Red and likes tokusatsu. He is summoned (more like kidnapped) by Toshiaki Kanehara (Atsushi Maruyama) to help him in his Theater Gekidan Bazooka for the search of missing women Ando Riko.  Akai is obsessed with his favourite superhero “Hells Face” and fantasizes about being like him. In the real world, however, he is clumsy and weak and afraid of danger. He also has an absentee father. Dubbed the “Actor of possession”


Saito Syuusuke (Ian Yorkland / KyoryuBlack) plays the role of Ken Kuroda a relatively silent man, although intelligent, who can’t take the touch of any woman. His mind is that of more a girl, and is actually considered to be an actress rather than an actor in Gekidan Bazooka.He has a crush on Midori, often day dreaming about the other male, and easily gets jealous when Midori encounters other women. He is dubbed the “Actor of delusion”


Akihisa Shiono (Soji Rippukan / KyoryuGreen) plays the role of Shintaro Midori, an Academy Award-winning actor. He is a very serious actor in Gekidan Bazooka. As well as being  a sexy and confident individual that makes women around him weak in the knees, he is also a very skilled fighter with his fists. He does nonetheless have a short fuse with most people the exception of course Kuroda, who he cares about and later becomes jealous when Kuroda pays more attention to Akai. He also has a stoic personality and dubbed the “Actor of cleverness”


Ayuri Konno (Amy Yuuzuki / KyoryuPink) plays the role of Kaori Sakuragawa. She is a schoolgirl and wants to work at Gekidan Bazooka (and she’s there because of blackmail). A certain file Kanehara has on his phone. Kaori is a femme fatale character who seduces men with her sex appeal and charm. She has a tsunadere personality and is dubbed the “Actor of Do-S”.


Yamato Kinjo (Nobuharu Udo  / KyoryuBlue) plays the role of a Police Officer called Aoki Junzo. He helps the people from evil and even Deboth. He is appointed by Toshiaki Kanehara to search for a girl called Riko Ando (Yumi Sugimoto), and later works with Tatsuya to search for her. He is easily moved to emotion by people and somewhat naive. He is dubbed the “Offical of Excitement”


Atsushi Maruyama (Utsusemimaru / KyoryuGold) plays the role of Toshiaki Kanehara who is the Chairman of Gekidan Bazooka. He has complete control over the theater, and writes all the scripts with tremendous speed. He is the mastermind behind everything – “recruiting” Akai; blackmailing Sakuragawa and finding Midori (which meant Ken as well). As well as being a scriptwriter he is also tech savvy, providing surveillance and acting as the ‘big-brother’ to everyone. He has a well-liked energetic personality but incredibly dirty and stinky feet which is his secret weapon.


THE OTHERS – supporting and cameos

Yumi Sugimoto (Miu Sutou/Go-On Silver in Engine Sentai Go-Onger) as Ando Riko. The victim of a arson a year ago that killed her mother. She has a price of three million yen on her head. She is one of the main characters in the film.

Rei Saito (Duchess Org TsueTsue in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger) as Ando Saori the mother of Riko who died in a arson murder a year ago. She previously worked as a salescleark in a underwear department.

Yuki Yamada (Joe Gibken/Gokai Blue in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger) as Wataru Dojima the boyfriend of Riko with a dark secret.

Hideo Sakaki (Kuroki Takeshi in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters) as Baba Shochiro a mystey man that is revealed to have a connection with Saori during the course of the investigation.

Shinji Yamashita (Dantetsu Kiryu/Kyoryu Silver in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger) as Akai Tatsushu the father of Akai Tatsuya, who compared to his son is a confident man and Police Commisoner.

Yuka Hirata (Mele in Juken Sentai Gekiranger) as Reiko Mera a newscaster that reports on the status of the Deboss invasion. She works at THN News. THN is actually short for TOEI HERO NEXT. The name “Mera Reiko” comes from “Mere” (Mele).

Kohei Yamamoto (Kouta Bitou/Hurricane Yellow in Ninja Sentai Hurricaneger)  as Kenta Harimoto a criminal who points a knife at Akai’s throat in front of Kanehara and Aoki when he takes the other hostage trying to rob the family restaurant “Tiger Boy”. His name “Harimoto Kenta” comes from “Hariken” (Hurricane), “Kouta Bitou” & “Kohei Yamamoto“.

Keisuke Soma (Genta Umemori /Shinken Gold in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger) as Renjiro Wawamura/Hell’s Face a television superhero and idol of Tatsuya.

Komiya Arisa (Yoko Usami/Yellow Buster in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters)  as Taeko Goba a salesclerk who worked in the same underwear department as Ando Saori. She seems to have important information in regards to Saori. Her name “Goba Taeko” comes from “Gobasutazu” (Go-Busters) & “Yoko Usami”.

Kenji Ebisawa (Gunpei Ishihara/Go-On Black in Engine Sentai Go-Onger) as Go Onda. He is a clerk in the supermarket where Sayuri Ando worked. He had previously appeared in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger as Shiro Mifune who is the friend of Ian Yorkland (Kyoryu Black).

Mami Yamasaki (Kaze no Shizuka in GoGo Sentai Boukenger) as Kazama Shizuka the best friend of Ando Riko.  Her name “Shizuka Kazama” clearly comes from “Kaze no Shizuka“.

Yosuke Ito (Senichi Enari/Deka Green in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger) as the real estate agent called Keita Dekakei. He encounters Akai for a job interview but instead overwhelms Akai with his outspoken insults. He also is a person who laughs more than necessary and OTT. His name “Keita Dekakei” comes from “Deka” & “Keisatsu” (Police).





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