[2014 Summer] Magical Boy Cherry’s

Save the world? or Get lucky? 

That’s the gist of this late night TV drama currently airing. The drama humorously titled “Magical Boy Cherry’s”  stars all five members of A.B.C-Z as a magical superhero group similar to Super Sentai, but with a twist. The members have to stay virgins to retain their magical powers. In this world only virgins have the power.


 This is based on the folklore that only virgins could practice magic

[2014 SUMMER DRAMA] Magical Boy Cherry’s

Airing Date : Saturday Nights, starting date July 21st
TV Station : TV Tokyo
A.B.C-Z: Hashimoto Ryosuke, Totsuka Shota, Kawai Fumito, Tsukada Ryuichi, Goseki Koichi
Shimizu Fumika, Kawamoto Kimoto, Morita Myuto (Johnny Jr.), Iwanaga Tatsuya, Horibe Keisuke, Yoshida Riko
Official Website : Cherry’s


17-year-old Doguami Tetsu (Hashimoto Ryosuke) has recently discovered that he can read minds via touch. This draws the attention of four men, all of whom have magical superpowers of their own. Tetsu is a cherry boy and such is  someone who is able to use magic because he is a virgin. Together the five then form a Super Sentai team as a means to protect the city’s peace, all the while struggling with the dilemma to remain or not to remain a virgin. Each power is in relation to one of the  5 senses – Touch, Sound, Taste, Smell, and Sight.



Hashimoto Ryosuke as Dougami Tetsu. Tetsu is the main protagonist of the series. He is a seventeen year old high school student who has been unlucky in love, but has a crush on classmate Kasumi Inoue. Although he has no backbone to actually act. Tetsu also has an older brother, but his whereabouts are unknown since he disappeared a year ago. Although Tetsu does still think about his brother occasionally, constantly being compared to the man who was formally a popular student at the school and was good at sports. He is still a virgin. But in a world where boys talk about sex and as a hot-blooded young man can he remain untouched?

One his 17th birthday Tetsu realizes that he can read others minds via touch and later learns it’s because he is a virgin that he can use magic. His magical power Touch.


Totsuka Shota as Date Tsutomo, nicknamed Ben. Ben is 25 years old and a kindergarten teacher. He is a serious man and well liked by everyone. His magical power Sight. He is the closet to Tetsu. Ben is still virgin because he hasn’t found his true love yet. Among the group he stablizing force, as well as believing in justive above all.


Kawai Fumito as Denbouji Tooru, nicked named Souchou (president). He is an ex-gang leader turned Ramen Shop owner. Tooru dotes on his younger sister as her legal guardian since their parents died. His magical power is Taste.


Tsukada Ryoichi as Daimonji Tsukasa, nicknamed Hosu. He is the number #3 Host in the neighbourhood. His magical power Sound. He has abnormal acute hearing abilities, able to hear anything within a 10km radius. He is also able to hear magical sounds such as someone approaching even if invisible or at fast speed. Hosu loves women, as in return in also populaer among women often using his power to heal a women’s heart. He personality is flashy and energetic.


Goseki Koichi as Demon Takeshi, nicked named 2D. His name given because he is a amicore fan (American superheros) and admires their manliness and strength. 2D’s magical power is Scent. He is He has abnormal acute sense, able to determine a the chemical make-up of an object. He is the most intelligent of the Cherry Boys, as well as being the main tactician of the team. Alone he is quiet with a stoic personality, however with the gang he is a fast-talker and starts to come out of his shell.



On his 17th Birthday, high school junior Doguami Tetsu (Hashimoto Ryosuke) discovers that he can mysteriously read the mind of his friend Nakanishi. Then later that afternoon his childhood friend and crush Kasumi Inoue (Shimuzu Fumika) becomes the victim of a serial hair cutter, who seems to be appearing and disappearing in an instant. Meanwhile four men sit and wait on top of the rooftop. That night a mysterious letter arrives on Tetsu’s doorstep, a challenge to Tetsu if he wants to protect Kasumi to find the man responsible. Taking up the challenge Tetsu finds the culprit, a hairdresser, and follows the man into an abandoned building, where he is unexpectedly transported into another world. A world of dance battles and magic, known as battle field DTM (“DT” also a abbreviation of virgin male). Suddenly a foursome arrives wearing super hero suits to save Tetsu. They are heros and magical.


After being saved from the other world the foursome reveal themselves. Tetsu shocked to recognize Ben-san (Totsuka Shota), a former childhood friend of his brother Taku (Iwanaga Tatsuya) whose whereabouts are unknown since he went missing a year ago. Ben then tells Tetsu that he is also a magical boy, chosen because he is virgin, and invites him to join their superhero team, Cherry’s, which protects the city. The catch is that you have to remain a virgin to continue to use your power. Tetsu is not impressed. Ben then informs Tetsu about his brother, and that he was also a magical boy and the commitment the four made to continue and fight in his name. Ben hands over Taku’s glasses, Tetsu leaving with them. The next day at school Tetsu has a dream about his brother and afterwards encounters Ben at his workplace, a neighbourhood kindergarten. Ben and Tetsu talk. Ben seemingly to convince Tetsu as he reappears later that evening at the Ramen shop and officially becomes a ‘Cherry boy’ and member of the team.


After becoming a member of Cherry’s, Tetsu is immediately thrown into an investigation. Incidents of serial thefts keep happening in the neighbourhood. The target girls from a famous cabaret club. Twelve women have been attacked with no leads on the culprit. So as a duo, Tetsu and Ben go the hospital to interrogate the latest victim Iseya Reiko and Tetsu witnesses Ben’s “magic vision” for the first time. Tetsu is later surprised when Kasumi arrives at the hospital and revealed to be a friend of Reiko. The four then talk. Meanwhile both 2D (Goseki Koichi) and Hosu (Tsukada Ryoichi) continue to investigate on their own. Later the Cherry’s infiltrate the cabaret club and Tetsu is shocked and somewhat disappointed when he sees Kasumi working there.


After the initial shock of seeing Kasumi, Tetsu the next day at school talks to Kasumi who confesses that she infiltrated that club to find the criminal that attacked Reiko. Meanwhile Tetsu and team gather to discuss tactics to catch the culprit. The culprit is thought to be an invisible man only attacking women. So the team decide to use Souchou (Kawai Fumito) as bait. Dressed as a women Souchou that night acts as a decoy, whilst the other team members watch on to ambush at the right moment. Suddenly Hosu hears the approaching criminal as Kasumi walks towards their direction. Tetsu calls out to Kasumi, only to be stopped by Ben who says that their identities as heroes and “Cherry’s” should remain a secret.


At school Tetsu is getting unwanted attention from the new transfer student Akira (Kawamoto Kimoto) and having conflicting feelings about Cherrys and Kasumi. Confiding to Souchou about his problem the pair are suddenly interrupted when the other Cherry’s arrive to tell Souchou that his sister Yuki (Yoshida Riko) has been taken to the police station. She is suspected of arson. At the police station Souchou can’t believe it and physically confronts his sister, who doesn’t respond. Ben then asks Tetsu to investigate with his “magical touch”.  It is revealed that another being is inside Yuki. The Cherry’s boys begin their investigation. Meanwhile back at school Tetsu has a bigger problem when a Domiyouji (Morita Myuto) starts to flirt with Kasumi.


After discovering another entity inside Yuki, the Cherry’s head off in their battle outfits to the police station where she is detained. Relying on the skill sets of the members, the fivesome end up on the rooftop where an unexpected person turns up as the ‘puppet master’ behind Yuki’s behaviour. Souchou and the stranger have a history.

Meanwhile at Ben’s work he notices signs of abuse on Akemi, the mother of Yuta, a child he minds. Ben using his x-ray vision confirms the women has a number of bruises on her body, and deduces it’s because of DV (domestic violence). Whilst in Tetsu world, while on the run from Akira at high school, Tetsu finds Kasumi on the rooftop. She confesses that she is worried about Tetsu.


Worried that Ben might graduate soon from being a Cherry Boy, the group ask Tetsu to talk to him. Tetsu also too having problems with Kasumi and staying on the path of virginity. Tetsu later asks Ben whether he is in love, Ben’s response to talk about how he used his visual magic and noticed DV bruises on Akemi and that he is greatly troubled. Tetsu relays this information back to the other members.

That night the foursome then hide in the shadows to get evidence of the abuse, confirming their speculations when Akemi is harassed. Back at headquarters the foursome discuss their next move, when suddenly 2D senses Ben downstairs. Ben simply gets up and walks away without saying the word. Concerned he might do something rash the foursome follow him.

Ben has called about Akemi’s boyfriend to confront him and make him stop. The boyfriend responding by repeatedly beating Ben whilst the other four watch on, only stopping once Akemi turns up. She tells Tetsu that she is okay and that’s it for Yuta .She then slaps her boyfriend, who tries to counterattack but is stopped by Ben’s hidden strength. He then pulls out a knife, but Souchou intervenes saying his name and for the man to get lost. Realizing who he is dealing with, Souchou being a previous gang leader, the boyfriend runs off leaving Akemi and Ben alone.

Back at HQ the foursome again talk about the possibility of Ben loosing his virginity and retiring from being a Cherry Boy. When suddenly through the door Ben appears. Ben is a magical boy and he can never break his promise to Taku. He believes in justice above all.

Meanwhile the next day whilst walking Tetsu spots in the distance Kasumi on a date with his rival Domiyouji (Morita Myuto) from before, his greatest worries confirmed.


Continuing from the previous episode Tetsu is alone in the Cherry “locker room” – where the camera pans across the names of all the Cherry’s, including the last sixth spot which belonged to Taku (Tetsu’s older brother). Tetsu is then interrupted by the foursome returning from the shower. Ben sits down next to him and thanks him for being a Cherry, asking if Tetsu is okay. Tetsu leaves and Ben watches him go with a blended confused and concerned expression.

That night in his room Tetsu is reliving the interaction he saw between Kasumi and Domiyouji, becoming more and more frustrated untill finally exhausted and falling asleep. The next morning at school as Tetsu is walking, Akira finds him and gossips about Kasumi. Tetsu not sure what to make about Akira’s words.

Later after class Kasumi approaches Tetsu, however, the teacher needs her so the two reschedule to meet in short while. Tetsu is waiting when his ‘Cherry phone’ starts to go off and Tetsu thinks about ignoring it, but it’s about a new dangerous DT. Tetsu reluctantly leaves before Kasumi arrives.

Back at HQ as the others are investigating and being briefed on the new DT, Tetsu meanwhile is only half-heartedly paying attention. Brought back to reality when Ben calls his name, and tells the youngest to go investigate with the others.

Whilst out with 2D and interviewing a women, Tetsu receives a call from Kasumi. He is about to answer when suddenly 2D announces the DT is here. 2D says he’ll call the others. Whilst Tetsu is provoked to attack, 2D warns he doesn’t have his suit, but Tetsu runs towards the D2 anyway. Later back at HQ he is scolded for his rash actions. Ben asks why he did it. Souchou says that’s it okay. Ben nonetheless is not as understanding. Cherry’s are team and trust between members is the most important. He says he understands Tetsu. Tetsu becomes angry ranting at Ben about his feelings, mentioning his brother, to which the others visibly become distressed. Ben then tells him its enough. And Tetsu leaves without another word.

Next day at school and Tetsu is absent. Kasumi worried about his whereabouts, as Akira watches on with a sinister smile.

Back at Tetsu’s house the doorbell rings, Tetsu surprised to see its Domiyouji. Domiyouji is there to bluntly say that he likes Kasumi. Naturally Tetsu is taken a back.


Whilst wallowing over the problem that is Domiyouji and Katsumi, Tetsu gets the idea to put on Taku’s glasses. His brother appearing to speak to him through the keepsake.Tetsu opens up to his brother about his problems, Taku response to tell his little brother that you should do what you want to do in regards to Cherries, and that his place will always be beside Tetsu.In the middle of their conversation Tetsu then receives a distress call from the other Cherries who are in battle. . He calls out there individual names, worried “are you okay… Cherries”.

Suddenly the doorbell rings, his brother disappearing at the same time. Its Katsumi worried about Tetsu. The two have a short conversation through the door. Tetsu coming to a realization. He’s going out. Katsumi then smiles and salutes him off.

With new found determination Tetsu stats running towards the Cherries in his battle gear. His decision made.

Meanwhile at the DTM battle field the Cherries are down; the DT celebrating, when suddenly Tetsu jumps into the battle and a fierce dance battle breaks out. Victory to the Cherries. Back in the real world Tetsu starts to apologize to everyone. But is cut off by and told to forget about it. Everyone forgives him anyway.

Later tetsu is then seen having a conversation with Domiyouji about Katsumi. During which Domiyouji leaves in a hurry and Katsumi joins after he is gone. The two then interact in friendly banter.

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