Aozora no Tamago

Aozora no Tamago is one of those dramas that’s a little gem and resonates with me long after its time. The drama itself is very interesting, based off a Yaoi novel, and follows the lives of two friends dependant on one another that solve a string of strange mysterious in their neighbourhood. The characters are also very interesting and the actors they got to play them – I think – was spot on. Plus the theme of this show makes me smile:

The friendship and love Tori and Sasaki have for one another rivals that of star-crossed lovers, or soul mates. Granted, this drama is based of a BL’s novel, but the love isn’t sexual or about attraction, but something more special. It’s about the pain they share feeling each others pain, and the unspoken promise to always be there for one another. – I see, ikemen (2012).

And two years later I have to ask myself ‘is that what being a soul mate is about’. To take a line for another of my favourite dramas: “I don’t really care if he’s a male or female….just a good person” – Leon (ep 8).

I’m quoting myself there, but this is still true for me and one of the strongest messages behind Aozora no Tamago.

The Characters

Best friends Sakaki Tsukasa (Inoue Masahiro) and Tori Shinichi (Akutsu Shintaro) have known each other since middle school. Sakaki works as an insurance salesperson and each evening visits Tori, a hikikomori, to eat dinner and coax him outside. Then one night, while having dinner their friend, a neighbourhood policeman, tells them about the ‘moonlight demon’ and suddenly Tori and Sakaki find themselves playing detective to strange and mysterious events that occur around them…

If a tree falls in the forest with no one around,
does someone still feel its pain

Tori Shinichi (played by D2’s Akutsu Shintaro) is a hikikomori, a reclusive that stays at home and works as a computer programmer. All his life he was unwanted by family and friends; having a mother that abandoned him and only contacted him for money; a father that worked and lived in another country and school classmates that bullied him. As a result he started to withdraw from society and grow up with abandonment issues – which only became worst when Tori was betrayed by his own father and in his mind believed that he had lost both parents. So much so that he had a mental breakdown and went into a coma.

Sakaki at the time pleaded that he wake up and said he was grateful for Tori is be alive. Tori did finally regain consciousness and since has become dependant on Tori. Tori believing that Sakaki is his saviour.  So whenever Tsukasa is hurt, Tori is hurt. He is indifferent to his own pain and can only feel pain via Sakaki. Tori also never wants to hurt Sakaki, and often feels guilty whenever Sakaki cries because he automatically assumes he did something wrong, like a child. A tell-tale sign that Tori feels Sakaki’s pain is when he bits his nails.

Tori is also very protective of Sakaki to the point he will be unkind to anyone that abuses Sakaki’s naivety and good nature. He does this by calling out people on their lies and making them confront their demons. As Sakaki explains: Tori has the ability to see that which should be seen. And to him, that is like a double-edged sword.

Nonetheless Tori is also a very intelligent man. He loves cooking and experimenting with new recipes from around the world. Although his character and personality can be arrogant as he is very straightforward and pragmatic. He is also a contradiction as he is both child-like but very mature, strong but weak, and innocent and aggressive at the same time, which makes him a complex and interesting person.

Sakaki Tsukasa (played by Masahiro Inoue) is an absurdity ordinary guy that works a mundane job as an insurance salesperson, but has one unusual ability – he is person who attracts eccentric people. One such person is Tori Shinichi, who is to Sakaki the “perfect friend”. Living in the same neighbourhood as Tori, Sakaki goes daily around for dinner and tries to coax the hikikomori outside the house. It is also hinted at that Sakaki regularly sleeps over at Tori’s household.

During his middle school days Sakaki used to observe Tori and his mistreatment at the hands of student and teachers, but he was to coward to act upon. Instead he admired him in secret and only spoke to Tori one day before graduation when he asked if he could be his friend – or more accurately his best friend. The pair became inseparable, and when Tori had his breakdown Sakaki begged for Tori to awaken and said that he was grateful that Tori had been born. However, daily Sakaki questions his friendship and if he is the best option to be Tori’s closet person. And often thinks about ‘what if’ scenarios – what if he hadn’t been a coward during middle school, what if Tori had been disabled, what if Tori wanted to leave him one day?

Personality wise, Sakaki is very different to Tori. Sakaki is caring and compassionate, to the point that he naive and blinded by the ‘demonic’ nature of human beings, which in comparison Tori sees in everyone – the lies, deceit, hidden agendas – people have. Where Tori sees the bad, Sakaki is the opposite and sees the good and is empathetic towards everyone’s feelings, so much so that he cries very easily. An action that greatly upsets Tori because he experiences the same pain. It’s this strong bond and unconditional love for one another that makes the pair what they are, which is for a better word like soul mates.

Takimoto (—) is a senpai of both Sakaki and Tori from the same high school who now works a local policeman. Takimoto is friends with the pair and has the unique ability of timing to arrive when food is being served.  Takimoto also acts very juvenile for his age. He is the closet to the pair, knowing their history and is unphased by Tori and Sakaki close bond. Even making the comment to Tori’s father when he first witnesses the powerful connection the friends have that it’s a normal occurence that happens all the time, like it was nothing.

Gomiya is a junior of Takimoto who studied child psychology because he wanted to be in the juvenile division. He is good with kids and through Takimoto becomes a friend of both Sakaki and Tori. He also doesn’t seem phased by the connection he witnesses between the best friends.


“The Moonlight Demon Incidents”

Ar Tori’s house one night, after dinner two police men arrive. One is Takimoto, a former classmate of the pair and Gomiya his partner. The police have a story to tell the urban legend of the “moonlight demon”.

In the neighbourhood men are being stalked and later attacked. The injured men assaulted at night by a figure wearing a black rain jacket who removes men’s genitalia.

{spoiler} the culprit is Ms. Suda a women who was stalked and sexually abused by man because of her natural beauty. As a result she hates men and seeks revenge on any male that mistreat her. Ms. Suda first accidentally meets Tori and Sakaki at the supermarkets where she is rude to Sakaki. A week later she approaches the duo and apologizes. Tori deducting that she was testing the intentions of Sakaki but was relieved when she realised that neither Sakaki or Tori where interested in her in that way. Tori later confronts Ms. Suda when he discovers her secret and invites the other over to tell her story. At the house, after being attack by Tori’s harsh words and evidence, Ms. Suda confessed to being the culprit. She re-tells her pain of beauty being a disadvantage and how the police didn’t react when she told them about her stalkers. How they said it was her fault because of her looks. So as an act or revenge she attacked those that assaulted her and cut off their penises as punishment.

“The Little Mermaid”

After meeting —-, who is blind and hearing the other unfortunate life story, Sakaki is then asked if he can follow — who believes his is being stalked by twins – a boy and girl.

{spoiler}the culprit is Ando Jun, the former best friend of —- whose motorcycle they were riding when the incident happened. Ando dressed up, alternating between man and woman to follow —. He later admits that he is fact not a man anymore since the accident. As he had his male genitalia removed because of injuries sustained. He is now a female impersonator. Later that night Tori then explains to Sakaki that Ando is actually in love with —-, although it’s probably one-sided. He brought the motorcycle because — wanted him to. He allowed — to ride the motorcycle, and although he didn’t plan the accident he capitalized on the outcome because he wanted to never leave — side. He wanted to become — most important person in the world.

“The Lost Boy and Missing Father”

Sakaki observes a little boy in the park all alone worried. Then one day he approaches the child and hands out his business card, telling the boy if he needs anything to call. Then one day Sakaki gets a call. A childs voice on the other side of the line “Tsukasa…..”. Meanwhile Tori’s father is in town and Sakaki is concerned that Tori will recollapse at the news.

{spoiler} Mario is the kids name and he is son of a Japanese-Mexican Lucha wrestler.

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