[Summer 2014] We are Dead Guys♪

Bokura wa Minna Shindeiru

Airing Date : Tuesday, start from 1st July 2014 at 02:16

TV Station : TBS

Episodes: 10

Soundtrack : Shirayukihime by Flower

Cast : Shirahama Alan (GENERATIONS), Hirose Alice, Miki Honoka, Onoue Hirayuki, Kagami Seira, Tsujimoto Koji, Tanaka Minako, Kaku Tomohiro, Tsufune Sarara, Komoto Masahiro, KENICHI (EXILE)

Official Website : bokura wa

This series is based of the Web-drama that aired in 2013 with 50 Episodes. The TV drama has only ten episodes.


Six strangers, both men and women, wake up inside a mysterious movie theatre. In the strange space with them is a creature that self proclaims themself as “God”. God tells the six that “they died on the same day” and were now in “Heaven”. To revive themselves, for a second chance at life they have to play the “Love Game” with the winning couple able to come back from the dead. Among the eight they have to find love. Nonetheless, although some participants crave to return home, others are content with their position in the afterlife. Nonetheless one by one the back stories behind the lives of those who died are told. And the reasons for their death. BUT all is not what it seems… And who is this “GOD?”


Ichinose Ewan (Shirahama Alan) is a 24-year-old popular actor who died choking on his own vomit (in the drama version he actually dies by an overdose of sleeping pills). He is a drunk. Ewan’s room in all white and minimalistic with only a cast iron bed, two lamps and a clothest closet. Ewan harbours a dark secret. When he first is introduced he is only wearing white sweat pants. The participants all wearing what they died in. Ewan has a short temper with “God” and often the duo fight, “God” seemingly liking to torment Ewan more so than the others.


Akatsuki Rin (Hirose Alice) is a high school girl who commits suicide by cutting her wrist. 18 years old. She may or may not be a lesbian.  Rin’s room is reminiscent of her bedroom at home, including personal artifacts such as photographs. When first introduced Rin is wearing her school uniform, and continues to, until she eventually changes clothes.


Akane Yoshino (Miki Honoka) is a 17-year-old high school student and enthusiastic fan of Ewan. She is given special privilege to participate in the “Love Games”. Akane committed suicide following the death of Ewan by jumping off a rooftop building. Akane’s bedroom is a shrine to Ewan with all his idol paraphernalia. When first introduced, seperately from the first group, Akane is dripping wet and in her school uniform.


Jonouchi Shizue (Tsufune Sarara) is a 27-year-old assistant to a famous magician, known as Prince George. She was killed during a botch magic trick, seemingly killed by George, her boyfriends, negligence. Her room is extravagant and has one wall shelving unit stocked with expensive wine. When first introduced Shizue is wearing a costume bunny outfit anf is her magican assistant uniform, she eventually changes into more comfortable attire.


Daiki Takahashi (KENICHI) is a 25-year-old gym owner who died. He left behind his fiance and young son. His room is crowded with gym equipment. When first introduced Hiroki is dressed in gym clothes, and remains to continue to dress in a similar fashion wife tank tops and sweats.


Sango Kenichi ( Komoto Masahiro) is a 45 year office worker in the real estate business. He died nude in a love hotel. Divorced from this wife, Kenichi has a sex addiction. However, with the help of Ariel is able to overcome his addiction. His room is similar to the love hotel with surrounding sex toys, particularly a sex doll named Maya.  When first introduced Kenichi is wearing only a bathrobe, as he died almost naked from a heart attack.


Onodera Makoto (Kaku Tomohiro) is a 25-year-old young man who worked as a translator. He died of acute alcohol poisoning. His English is good and is able to speak with Ariel. Makoto’s room is basic and clean.


Ariel Carter (Kagami Seira) is a 20-year-old foreigner who was killed during liposuction surgery. Previously overweight she changed her appearance for a modelling contract. Her room has pictures of models all on the walls. Initial only able to speak English and communicate with Makoto, she is later given the gift of speaking Japanese (as a punishiment from “God” on behalf of Ewan).


Hiroshi Sato (Onoue Hirayuki) is a 28-year-old Kansai man who moved to Tokyo with the dreams to become a musician. However, He died almost instantaneously when run over by a bus, pushed onto the road accidently when the people behind him started fighting. He likes Akane.


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