[2014 Variety TV] WAO



Airing Date : Wednesday 12:10 – 12:35, starting April 2nd.

TV Station : Fuji TV


YOUTH: Shirahama Alan (GENERATIONS), Sekiguchi Mendi (GENERATIONS), Inowaki Kai, Suga Kenta, Kato Ryo, Nakajima Hiromare Nakayama Erina, Hasegawa Rumi

ADULT: Shimzu Kazuaki, Nobue Ikeya, Kyosuke Yabe, Kaname Endo…

Official Website : Wao

A late-night series airing on Fuji TV and the principal variety program. The name derived from “WAkasa| youth” and “Otona | Adult” with the concept behind the series about the gap between the generations and a “How to guide to become an adult”.



Terrace House Moments.
Starring: Shirahama Alan, Nakajima, Sekiguchi and Nakayama

Is a parody of the series Terrace House and takes place in a soccer club locker room, where three friends (Shirahama, Nakajima and Sekiguchi)  joke around like teenage boys, who are consistently caught out in embarrassing situations by their would be club manager Erina (Nakayama).

Meeting People because of Sudden Illness
Starring: Suga Kenta, Tanaka Yoji and guest

Inside an ambulance Kenta talks to a paramedic about the patient of the week. However Kenta doesn’t even know their name, let alone their address or anything about the person. Making it hard for the paramedic to do his job.

Boyfriend of the Daughter
Starring: Nakayama Erina

Rumi stars as the daughter, who along with her older boyfriend meet with her parents in order to obtain forgiveness because they got married.

How to become a proper old man

Element HOUSE Co-working  space
Starring: Shirahama Alan, Hasegawa Rumi, Kazuaki Shimizu, Kyosuke Yabe, Kaname Endo

Together five people share the same working space. Aarashi (Shirahama) a part-time worker who does odd-jobs as part of the company “Handyman”. QI NyanLOVE (Hasegawa) a self-proclaimed working idol who has her own show on Nico Nico Live. ROKKO (Endo)  a transsexual make-up artist. The entrepreneur Adachi (Shimzu). And President Yabe (Kyosuke), Aarashi’s boss who forces jobs on Aarashi.


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