[Summer 2014] Endless Story

Airing Date : Saturday, start from 9th August 2014
TV Station : Fuji TV
Soundtrack : [Love the warz] SEKAI NO OWARI
Cast : Jin Shirasu, Hayama Shono, Suga Kenta, Kinoshita Misaki, Kido Airi, Seino Nana
Official Website : Endless Story 
This series is a like a choose-your-own-ending. In the second half of the drama the choices made by the audience will determine the fate of the characters.


It’s the end of the world. As a lethal flu-like infection breakouts killing all those around, a bunch of individuals survive inside an isolated hospital. However what awaits them is a living hell.



Ichinose Keisuke (Shirasu Jin) is a 21 year-old youth aiming to become a professional photographer. He has an indecisive personality, nonetheless a strong sense of justice. One day he came to visit his sister, a patient of the hospital, however was trapped inside an elevator along with apprentice nurse Kotomi. The pair losing contact with the outside world for almost 24hours. Finally released, the pair escape the elevator but the world had been overtaken by zombies in their absence.


Shunya (Hayama Shono) is a 21 year-old patient in the hospital. He is in a wheelchair due to a motorbike accident. Maki is his girlfriend. And he has some resentment towards Nonobe, not only for the accident, but also because of Maki’s affection towards him.


Nonobe (Suga Kenta) is 21 years old, and a friend of Shunya. He is the reason why Shunya is in hospital. Shunya feels guilty somewhat. He is also the most realiable member, always putting himself in danger in front of someone else.


Yamaura Maki (Kinoshita Misaki) is 22 years-old and the girlfriend of Shunya, who she has known since first year of college. It was love at first sight for Maki, who is also friends with Nonobe.


Kotomi (Kido Airi) is a 23 year-old working nurse at the hospital. She is an honest person.


Saori (Seino Nana) is a 24 year-old women who mysterious appeared from the darkness. Seemingly to have military training.


Keisuke (Shirasu Jin) is out taking photographers when he receives an email from his sister to visit her in the hospital. [2pm] At the hospital after bying some food he then gets inside an elevator. Inside with him is nurse Kotami (Kido Airi). However suddenly the elevator stops working. Kotami calls for assistance. As the two wait they start-up a conversation. As time passes the pair begin to get worried, when unexpectedly loud noises are heard coming from outside and to thier combined horror blood starts to appear from the outside door. Keisuke bangs on the elevator, which then suddenly plummets to the bottom floor. Knocking both unconscious. After a few both Keisuke and Kotomi regain breathing, deciding to wait out for rescue, not sure about what’s happening outside. Hours past. Then Kesiuke hears something and can miraculously open the elevator door, the power having been cut off. The pair are relieved to escape. Kotami thanking Kesiuke.

Whilst walking outside, however, the pair suddenly encounter a male (Suga Kenta), who is surprised to see them alive, he tells them to RUN!. Noises are heard and Keisuke looks over his shoulder to see what appears to be zombies approaching them. The trio then try to escape. Keisuke’s camera getting caught as a zombie attacks him. Keisuke fends him off, with the other male coming to his rescue. Knocking the Zombie cold with a fire estinguisher.

The trio then run down a corridor into a locked room in the basebment. The stranger’s name is Nonobe. Also inside the locked room is Maki (Kinoshita Misaki) and Shunya (Hayama Shono). Keisuke then introduces himself and about being locked inside an elevator. He asks what’s going on. Maki tells him everybody has turned into a zombie.


[Flashback] to the previous day and Nonobe arrives to visit Shunya in his hospital room. He brings a pineapple and the two talk. When the conversation turns to Shunya and his predicament in needing a wheelchair, Nonobe starts to feel guilty. Outside Maki is walking towards the room.

[Present day] Keisuke is crying over the sudden death of Kotami at the hands of the mysterious woman Saori (Seino Nana). He still hasn’t come to terms about the chaotic and desperate situation that’s happened. Angry he attacks Saori aksing why? To which Saori is cold and stoic with the loaded gun still in hand. Keisuke’s concern then turns to his sisters’ wellbeing and wants to leave to confirm her safety. At the words of Shunya, Nonobe also tags along. So the pair head upstairs to see the state of the outside world.

[Hospital foyer] Nonobe asks then what Keisuke’s name is. He tells the other to be careful. The pair then ends up in the hospitals foyer which is now overrun with Zombies. With even more outside. Keisuke holds tightly onto his weapon as Nonobe shows him the reality for the first time.

[Basement] Meanwhile back in the basement, Saori has a flashback to when her lover was taken by officials and she hid the gun. At the same time Maki is massaging Shunya’s legs for habitation. After which Shunya and Maki have a heartfelt conversation about Shunya’s feelings and his farewell message trying to push Maki away, Maki runs away when she doesn’t want to hear anymore.

Unbeknown to anyone the dead body of Kotami has started to move.

[Hospital] Back upstairs both Keisuke and Nonobe are slowly and stealthy getting across the foyer. Armed with their weapons the pair sits and wait for an opportunity. The two then open up to one another in conversation. Then suddenly out of the corner of his eyes, Keisuke sees a man, not a zombie, go into the kitchen. He follows and is confronted by an elderly man with a stick. Keisuke isn’t sure if he believes the mans story but nonetheless says he’ll help. Meanwhile Nonobe has no idea where Keisuke has disappeared to and is reading messages on his phone when he is suddenly attack. He flees just in time as a siren starts to go off and soon finds Keisuke with the old man. He tells Keisuke to leave the man. Keisuke is not sure to help and man or not. But after some quick thinking, and the man’s pleading, Keisuke does decide to save the man and the two carry him down to the basement.

[Basement] The moment Nonobe opens the door a female scream is heard and Nonobe is quick to respond running towards the sound, but is stopped when the “man” – now newly turned Zombie –  from before suddenly attacks Keisuke. Nonobe pushes Keisuke aside to save him and comes under attack. Meanwhile Keisuke watches on in horror as he screams “Nonobe!” at the top of his lungs.


[Basement] Whilst alone Maki is suddenly attacked, Shunya hearing her scream quickly falls out of his wheelchair. Meanwhile Nonobe screams at Keisuke to hurry up and kill the old man. Keisuke hesitates saying he can’t kill. Nonobe calling him an “idiot” Nonobe then takes the weapon and hits the man.

After which Nonobe arrives to see Shunya bitten. The engagement ring box falling out of his grasps as the Zombie continues to eat him. Acting quickly Nonobe drags a screaming and kicking Maki away from the scene. Shunya is later seen holding his ring as he dies.

Barricading themselves out of the locked room, Nonobe attacks Saori to get hold of the gun, effectively becoming the new leader. He then with the remaining 4 people starts walking up the stairs, but is attacked half way by a crowd of Zombies. The four finding refuge in a hospital room.

[Hospital Room] Inside Saori starts screaming at Nonobe, who reacts with pointing the gun towards her. Keisuke then speaks telling them to stop which frustrates Nonobe even more as he vents out his anger at his cowardness. Kesiuke has flashbacks to the time Kotomi was killed and the old man he tried to save. The words of Nonobe inside his head “Kill or be killed”. Meanwhile in the bathroom Maki is crying over Shunya’s death as she puts on the engagement ring.

[Computer room] Saori who is looking at the monitors spots another woman on the screen. However, she is suddenly attacked by a Zombie in a high school uniform. Keisuke who is close around once again thinks about all those who have died before him. And for a second time makes him freeze in hesitation about killing. Nonetheless Saori comes to his rescue this time around.

[Bathroom] Separated by a wall Maki and Nonobe talk. Nonobe telling Maki that he is her “bodyguard”. The conversation then changes to Shunya and Maki’s love for Shunya. Nonobe gets worried and rushed in to see Maki almost commit suicide by jumping out of the window. She can’t live without Shunya. Maki then breaks down. Nonobe comforting with an embrace and the words “that’s enough”.

[Computer room] Keisuke is talking to Saori about his bleeding heart. When suddenly Saori collapses, she apologizes, but Keisuke wants to know what’s happening. Her backstory is told – 7 days ago whilst hanging out the laundry her husband came home with a bleeding arm and was shortly taken away by masked men. He had pleaded with her to shot him. But Saori couldn’t, so instead she hid the gun under the rug. After hearing her story something in Kesiuke snaps.

[In Hospital hallway] Maki and Nonobe are talking and reminiscing about past adventures. As the pair talk – and – laugh in reflection a body of a Zombie is seen and suddenly attacks, Nonobe quick to respond as the grabs Maki to run away. As Nonobe is fighting off the first Zombie the body of Shuyna appears from around the corner. Maki notices the ring he is wearing and tells Nonobe sorry. Then out of the blue kisses Zombie!Shunya. Who then attacks her neck whilst Nonobe watches on in horror and is unable to shoot the two. His screams alert Kesiuke and Saori who arrive shortly afterwards.

Kesiuke holds up his weapon and then starts brutally beating Shunya. He is about to attack Maki when Nonobe intervenes, telling him don’t, although he is easily pushed to the side. Keisuke then resumes bashing Maki. Saori telling him it’s enough once Kesiuke is covered in blood. “What’s wrong Nonobe”.

Keisuke then encroaches on Nonobe and collects the gun. Both Saori and Nonobe to frighten to say a word, as Keisuke looks at them with crazy eyes.


And we come to the last episode. The climax.

[2pm DAY ONE] Flashback to the previous day and Saori is caught out trying to see her husband. She points a gun at the police and then escapes, but not before bumping into Keisuke on the foyer level and down into the basement where she encounters more Zombies in captivity.

[9pm DAY TWO] Present day. Continuing from the previous episode Keisuke and Saori leave behind Nonobe as he sits with his deceased best friends, as the remaining two heads upwards and towards the hospital room of Keisuke’s little sister. The whole floor has been quarantined off. Running towards Yumi’s room. Keisuke and Saori then find it empty. Kesiuke then hands over the gun to Saori. As she has a place she wants to check out.

Meanwhile down stairs Nonobe places the hands of the two lovebirds together and then departs. Back upstairs, however, Keisuke is moving and hiding from Zombies finding a spot to hide in a locker room. He receives a text and calls his sister Yumi. Shocked to hear a reply. Yumi asks for her brother’s help.

[Hospital Room] Saori has once again gone to the room with her husband. Who is patient Zero.

With Yumi inside a cupboard, Keisuke gets an idea to use the Hospitals communication system and divert the attention of the Zombies towards him in the calling room. He speaks fondly about his actions as a big brother and past stories, as well as his love for his sister. Listening is Saori and Nonobe; Saori holding a photograph of her lover, and Nonobe slowly walking up the stairs.

After speaking Kesiuke then grabs the attention of the Zombies near his sister, allowing her to escape, however Nonobe is watching on from the shadows. As Keisuke hides and is just as he is about to be attack music starts to play drawing the attention of the Zombies away from him and into the calling room.

[Hospital Room] One gun shoot goes off. Keisuke then enters the room Saori is in with her now deceased husband. Keisuke is asked to take his photograph.

[Roof top] Yumi is waiting for her brother when Nonobe arrives. He tells her that’s its okay, that he knows her brother. Back down stairs Keisuke has an unnerving feeling when he find the door to the roof top is locked. Yumi are Nonobe are sitting and waiting. That is until Nonobe attacks. Keisuke meanwhile is shouting his sister name. On the other side, Nonobe is strangling Yumi. However her words make him hesitant. But as he backs off Keisuke arrives and quickly shoots Nonobe dead.

Keisuke then hugs his sister; however, Saori is behind with the gun telling him she is a Zombie and to kill her. Keisuke won’t believe it. Soari and Kesiuke have a struggle with the gun. Keisuke ending up with the gun. Saori then shows him the last bullet. At that moment Yumi attacks, Killing Saori as Kesiuke watches on unable to move. Afterwhich he then grabs his sister in a embrace and looks at the blood on his hands. He has a short flashback to Kotami and the moment before she turned.

Grabbing the last bullet and gun Keisuke loads the thing and waits. And as he watches his sister-turned-Zombie eat Nonobe points the gun, saying. “I’m sorry”.

Morning arrives and Keisuke takes a photograph of the sky.


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