Alive, but sorry for the slow updates.

Sorry for the slow progress.

The end of this year has been hetic. With getting a full time job and going to university, I really haven’t had free time to work on profiles, let alone, sometimes keep up the most recent drama of movie news from Japan. That said, I do still watch and buy DVDs its just everything happens at a slower pace compared to previous years. But having a job also means I can buy more DVDs – although this year has been quiet – with some many movies I want to watch not even released either in the cinema or on DVD. There are some amazing titles still to come.

However there were also some amazing titles that premiered this year. So lets looks back at the movies that made me smile, laugh, cringe, scream and comtemplate over the year. This list is not the full extent of the movies I watched over the course of the year – but the ones that were memorable (for different reasons). And stay tuned for the countdown of my TOP TEN 2014 J-MOVIES.


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