Heads up.. what’s happening.

You may have noticed more updates recently, to keep track please check out the masterpost for Japanese actors found here https://13oysandm3n.wordpress.com/actor/ OR click on the “Actor” tab in the ribbon on top of the website – it includes complete/and incomplete profiles.



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  1. Jed says:

    Great to know you’re into updating the site. The comprehensive profiles are very much appreciated for reference and for additional information about the actors. Yes, some are so busy its hard to keep up with them, but then again, I feel happy to know just how many are so busy with their careers!

    1. fiibii says:

      Yeah, my work-life balance is way one-sided at the moment, and as doing these profiles helps me relax thought about working on them more, especially as last year of university kicks off. Thank you for the comment. These basically came around because I would read other sites like Asianwiki and never be able to find all the information about an actors work, so I researched and came up with my own.

      Finally, I know, I’m so happy to see so many getting jobs and opening doors to more and more oportunities. I love watching dramas and movies, and that will continue to the day I die. Its great to see what new projects are happening and watching actors grow, or finding themseleves. Plus cinema is just magical.

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