Lets meet the school boys of the Litchi Hikari Club…..

Junya Ikeda

Real name Jun Ikeda, Jun was the second prize winner in the 19th JUNON competion n 2006 then later changed his name to Junya in 2011. Jun had his debut in the high school drama Our Textbook before Hanakimi E 2007. As Junya his first appearance was in 2011 in the Super Sentai series Gokaiger which he is probably best remembered for his role as Gokai-Silver and later as the leader of a relvolution in the Toei production Gears of Love (above) and GARO series. As well as tokustasu, Junya (Jun at the time) acted as Hayashi Kento’s younger brother in DIVE!. played a delinquent in Gakudori and appears as a neurotic Hinokiga in Messiah (movie and stageplay). 2015 he acts in Shinjuku Swan.  Junya also appeared in Hakouki animemyus as Heisuke Todo.

Ryo Matsuda

Another non-stranger to Animemyus (that’s anime musicals) Matsuda has chairmaned the K-Stage production (twice) as well as played in Messiah as the lovable but deadly Eri (above) stage production (and late-night drama/movie). Matsuda has also acted in tokusatsu in the role of Hideyasu/Rider Gridon in the 2014 series Kamen Rider Gaim. Mostly a theatre performer, after his debut in the Hakuoki animemyu (as Souji), Matsuda went on to star in a number of stage and musicals including those above as well as SONG FOR SOULS, Neverland (as Peter Pan) and At Home with Claude as Claude, the gay lover killed by his boyfriend.

Junki Tozuka

Another tokusatu actor, as well as winner of “ideal lover award” from the 2010 JUNON competition, Junki is probably most famously known for his role as Nara in the 2012 series Kamen Rider Wizard. Although he did have his start in HanaKimi 2011 and to some might be a familiar face from Mysterious Transfer Student as one of the film club members. 2014 he acted in the science fiction action movie DANGER DOLLS.

Reiya Masaki

Winner of the 2009 JUNON competion “Special Jury Prize”, Reiya had his debut in televsion in 2012. However a year before had his debut in Tenimyu (as Dan Tachi) and ABC Akaska Boys Cabaret. In terms of dramas his most famous titles include Sion Sono’s Minna ESPer Dayo! (as Naoya) in a role he has reprised for the SP and movie, as well as in the drama 2013 Summer Seize (above) co-starring with Kenta Suga as foster-brothers. That same year he played the protagonist in Gachiban Z Proxy War. 2015 he stars as a member of the school council in Gakkou no Kaidan as well as Lights best friend in the live action Death Note.

Kisetsu Fujiwara

 The newcomer on the block, Kisetsu belongs to the same agency as the Matsuda brothers and Moriyama Mirai. Having his debut in 2014, Kisetsu has acted in Jinro Game as well as in the drama Tamagawa Ward Office OF THE DEAD (same as Amane below). In 2015 he already has four projects in the works, including Martin Scorses’s Silence and TOO YOUNG TO DIE!.  Kitsetsu will be one to watch in the future.

Amane Okayama

Apart from Kisetsu, Amane might be the second less known actor in this group however he isn’t a rookie to the screen. Having acted as part of the essemble cast for high school dramas such as You Taught Me all the Important Things, Hanakimi 2011 and Black Teacher, he also appeared as the antagonist in the live-action drama of Real Onigokko with Hongo Kanata among other guest appearances in Kindaichi Case Files N (neo) and Tamagawa Ward Office OF THE DEAD. In terms of movies he’s acted with Sometani Shota in both A liar and a broken girl and Intermission. Other recent titles include Choco Rietta and Gassoh.


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