TOP 100 HIT LIST (U30) bios: Part One of Ten


This series of posts are an extension of my previous post TOP 100 Hit List (U30) and includes short bios of the actors, highlighting their professional careers.

One thing I love is research, and I can probably name more Japanese actors by voice alone then actors from my own country (granted most actors from Aus. aren’t that good). Another thing I love is celebrating the achievements of actors, young and old. This post combines both (although the focus is on NEXT Generation). Part 1 includes: tokusatsu actors, singer-song writers, award-winners and two actors born into acting families. As well as several theater performers and well-known ikemen.

Masahiro Usui
DOB: Dec-3-1991
Occupation: Actor (D-Boys)

Son of a fashion designer, initially Masahiro aspired to be a model however instead auditioned the subsequently won the 4th D-Boys Grand Prix and later signed with talent agency Watanabe Entertainment. As an actor, Masahiro is probably best known for his role in Engine Sentai Go-onger (2009) as Go-On Green as well as his performances in Sugarless (above), Mysterious Transfer Student (2014) and Day and Night (2014).

Furthermore, Masahiro has also appeared in movies including Goth (2008), At Gods Will (2014), God Tongue Kiss the Movie Part 2 (2014) and most recently TRASH (2015).  A

As a D-Boy he is also very active in the D-stage productions, most famously known for playing female- roles such as Portia in “Merchant of Venice” and Viola in “Twelfth Night”.  Something that continues outside D-stage, with him even playing Ariel from the 2014 production “The Tempest” and this year Claire from the play “Maids”. 

Nakamura Aoi
DOB: March-4-1991
Occupation: Actor (Repuro Entertainment)

At fourteen years of age Nakamura auditioned form the 18th (2005) JUNON Super Boy Contest, which is won as the Grand Prix winner. His father a strong believer that his son would be an actor one day. After his debut in 2006 in the stage “Death in the Countryside”, to begin actively working in the industry Nakamura moved from Fukuoka to Tokyo (aged 16) and that year starred in his first drama Boys Este (2007). A year later he appeared in Sky of Love.

Whilst working as an actor, Nakamura attended Sunrise High School from which he graduated in 2009. Active in dramas, Nakamura is probably best known for his role as Izumi Sano (above) in the remake Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 as well as his portrayal as a WWII fighter pilot in television movie The Eternal Zero (2015).

As for movies, Nakamura most popular titles include: Beck (as drummer Hiroshi), Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night (2010),  My Back Page (2011) and the 2014 movie Tokyo Refugees.

No stranger to the stage as well, Nakamura has appeared in Curry Life (2011),  Atami Murder NEXT (2012) and recently Sanada Jyushi (2014)

Murakami Nijiro 
Occupation: Actor (Decade)

Son of the actor Murakami Jun, Nijiro is following in his father footsteps. Affiliated with the agency Decade, Nijiro had his debut with the coming-of-age film Still the Water (2014) which he won the 29th Takasaki Film Award for Best Newcomer Actor (and acted on-screen with his real life father). After that success he then went on to act  in a small part for the film As the Gods Will, lead the cast of Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (2015) and 2016 stars in the hyper-violent Distraction Babies (co-starring with Yagira Yuya and Suda Masaki).

As for dramas, Nijiro is still a rookie however has acted in the Drama W series Angel’s Knife (above) playing Boy C a convicted, trialed but released teenage murderer.

Miura Ryosuke 
DOB: Feb-16-1987
Occupation: Actor, Singer

Third son of the actor Miura Koichi and his wife, gravure model Jun Alice, Ryosuke has both looks and talent. Having entered the entertainment industry at the time he was in elementary six grade, Ryosuke had his debut with the 2002 movie Ogya . He then later won the role of Kane/Beetle Seiza in the tokustau Chousei Kantai Sazer-X (2005). However its his role in the 2010 Kamen Rider Series, Kamen Rider OOOs as the sharp-speaking Greeed Ankh that he is best known.

Apart from tokusatsu’s, Ryosuke has acted in a number of movies including: Beck (2010),  PIECE~Fragments of a memory (above), Cult (2013) and in the squeal to Rurouni Kenshin, Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno (2014) as one the ten swordsman. Active in the past, Ryosuke’s drama resume includes titles such as: Delicious Gakuin (2007), Tokyo Ghost Trip (2008), and Shibatora (2008).

Other drama titles that Ryosuke has appeared include numerous guest appearances in: BOSS (2009), Undercover Agent Kitami Shiho (2010 and 2013), and Angel and Demons (2015).

Furthermore Ryosuke is very active in theater having acted in Bambino (from 2006-2012) in various roles, Do not let me go (2014) and “The Shawshank Redemption” (2014) as Tommy Williams.

As well as an actor, Ryosuke is a singer. Formally a member of PureBoys he went solo after graduation from the troupe – releasing five titles under his name as of February 2015.

Shimizu Kazuki
Shimizu Kazuki
DOB: April-24-1990
Occupation: Actor (Flip up)

Junior to Miura Shohei, Shimizu on recommendation entered the 21st JUNON Super Boy contest and won the “ideal lover award” (2008) with his debut the next year in the movie GOKUSEN (2009) before starring in the 2010 production La Cordo Stellar Musical. At the time he become an original member of the acting troupe NAKED BOYZ. However it wasn’t until 2011 did Shimizu get his breakout role with Don/Gokai Green in the Super Sentai series Gokaiger. After which he started to get minor roles in titles such as: ATARU (2012), Tokyo Toy Box (2013/14) and Water Polo Yankees (2014).

Yonehara Kousuke
Yonehara Kousuke 
DOB: March-13-1986
Occupation: Actor, Singer (YCA)

Real name —- Kousuke is an actor and former member of RUN & GUN and Cocoa Otoko. Osaka born, Kousuke originally worked as a  Kansai Johnny Jr in 2000 before leaving to become a member of the dance unit DANK which later evolved into the group RUN & GUN. The group disbanded a few years later, (around 2011) after which Kousuke became a member of Cocoa Otoko (as singer-song writer and drummer). Cocoa Otoko later disbanded in 2012, however in March 2015 as a special appearance for fans regrouped with the possibility of returning as a group.

Active across all platforms, Kousuke’s most famous projects include the movies: Miss Boys, Doushitemo Furetakunai (above), Gachiban: New Generation (2015) and Jinrou Game (2015).  However he is best known for his theater works: Musical: Air Gear (2007), Magdalene of Maria (2008-2012 as Rosemary), numerous RUN & GUN productions (2004 to 2011),  Shinsengumi PEACE MAKER (2009),  CLUB SLAZY (2013 -) and most recently Handsome Storyteller (2015). He also has his own single “My World” under his name in partnership with —.

Suzuki Mirai
Suzuki Mirai
DOB: July-22-1993
Occupation: Actor (Stardust)

Lesser well known within Stardust compared to others, Suzuki has started to become recognized. Winner of both the “photogenic” and “ideal lover award” from the 22nd JUNON Super Boy Contest, Suzuki signed on with Stardust promotion. His debut as an guest actor in The Golden Piggy (2010) before playing high school roles in Misaki Number One!! (2011) and Meshibana Keiji Tachibana (2013). He is however, argubly known best for his role as Motoki in Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo (2014). This year 2015 he acts in Minami kun no Koibito: My Little Lover.

Or he might be known to some for his acting in the Gachi-ban Supremacy series (3 movies to date) or for his stage presence in Tokinonake 5 (2014) as master swordsman Okita Soji.

Okada Masaki

To be written.

Sato Hisanori
DOB: February-14-1990
Occupation: Actor, (Stardust)

Nickednamed “Satopi” or “Sato-chan”, Sato is another actor affiliated with the powerhouse Stardust Promotions. Debuting on stage as part of the Tenimyu musical cast (2008), Sato is very active on stage. Apart from Tenimyu, he is also best known for his portrayal as Cecil in the Maria Magdalene musicals (2009-2010); Raizo from Lychee ☆ Hikari Club (2012-2014 – to which he also provides the voice for the anime version); Rin in Manaburan Opera’s (2014/2015) and in recent times REIJi in Rock ☆ Opera Psychedelic Pane  (2015).

As well as stage, Sato is also active in films and dramas (although less). To some movie-watchers he might be recognized from his role in Osamu Game (2011), or as Kawasaki (Reo’s best friend in crime) from the Gachi-ban Tribal films. His most recent film being Bright Audtion (in 2014).

In terms of dramas, Satopi can be seen in Bastard BLUES (2011), Kamen Rider Wizard as a guest actor (Episode 4 and 5 – where he plays piano), and more recently in Yamada and the Seven Witches

Shison Jun
DOB: March-o5-1995
Occupation: Actor, (D2; D-Boys)

Scouted on the street, Jun known amongst fans affectionately as Junjun, before his debut as an actor had a short-lived career as a working model. Then in 2011 he graduated as a Wantanabe Entertainment Student and afterwards won a position as a member of D2. As a member his first job was as TeniMyu Hyotei 2nd Gakuto. However his biggest breakout came in 2014 with playing the protagonist role of Raito in super sentai series Ressha Sentai Toqger. 

Since sentai, Junjun has gone on to further act in Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu! (TBS / 2015) and in the SP Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Fuji TV / 2015). The year 2015 also marks his debut into film (non-tokusatsu) with the live action of Senpai to Kanojo (2015).

As a D-Boy he is also active in the D-stage productions having acted in “D-Stage 12th TRUMP” as both Raphael and Angelico.


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