Akutsu Shintaro | 阿久津愼太郎

Japanese: 阿久津愼太郎
Name (romanji): Akutsu Shintaro
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1995-June-21
Birthplace: Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
Height: 177 cm
Blood Type: B

Talent Agency: Watanabe Entertainment
Associated Act: D-BOYS (2013 - ), D2 (2009 - ), 
Johnny Jr. (2008-2009)

Genre: TV, Film, Stage
Active: 2008 -

Previously a Johnny Jr. Shin left the agency in 2009 and auditoned instead for the 6th D-BOYS audition that same year, where he won Grand Prix and later became a member of the troupe D2.

Profile | Works | Drama | Film | Stage | Photo

Originally belonging to Johnny’s Entertainmnt, Shin left the agency in 2008 and instead went for the 6th D-BOYS audition which he won, and later in 2010 became a member of D2.

Active in dramas, movies and stage, Shin is probably best known for his off-screen personality as a Otaku. However he has appeared in a few projects over the years.

In terms of dramas, Shin is best known for his protrayal as Torii in the BL-inspired drama Egg Blue Sky (2012), as well as one of the young players in the baseball drama Yowakutemo Katemasu. He can also be seen in a few guest spots on popular titles, the lastest Criminal Hayato: Jack the Ripper (2015).

Shin has also appeared in some movies including D2′s debut film Pole Dancing Boys, where he co-lead with Arai Atsushi. A year later he appeared in Akkun’s movie Life Is Dead  before showing off his fanboy antics in GOGO Ikemen 5 (2013). in 2014 he acted alongside Ikepi in 1/11 Juuichi Bun no Ichi (2014) and in BRIGHT AUDITION.

Furthermore in 2014 he turned his talents to directing the short film “Classroom 10minute discussion” as part of the D-BOY 10th Anniversary Short Film Festival Project.


1/11 Juuichi Bun no Ichi (2014)  – Shun
BRIGHT AUDITION [x] (2014) – Miki
Go Go Ikemen 5 [x] (2013) – Yoshioka Yuto
Life Is Dead [x] (2012) – Yuuki
Black Angels 2 (2012)
Pole Dancing Boys [x] (2011) – Shintaro
Soredemo Hana wa Saiteyuku [x] (2011) – Wataru


Short Films

D-BOYS Short Film Festival “10minute classroom discussion” (2014)


Last Doctor ~ Medical Examiner (TV Tokyo/ 2014) – Masaki (Ep. 8)
Can Win Even If Weak | Yowakutemo Katemasu (NTV/ 2014) – Hideto
Aozora no Tamago (BS Asahi/ 2012) – Torii Shinichi

Drama Specials | Movies

Jack the Ripper (TV Asahi/ 2015) – Mitamura Keisuke

Variety TV

TV. Kyokuchu Hatto (2012-13) – Okita Soji
Tokyo Etoile (NTV/ 2012-2013) – Etoile Cadet
D2 no Meshi Tomo! (TV Asahi/ 2011)

Internet Drama | Net Movie




D-STAGE 12th "Trump" (2013) - Rafaello/ Angelico
D-BOYS STAGE 10th "Samashii Magnet" (2012) - Rueben
D-BOYS STAGE 2010 Trial-2 “Last Game” (2010) 

Last Samurai (2015) – Kikawa Matsuzo
Comic Jack (2014)
クリンドルクラックス! (2012) – Ruskin
Detective Boys | Shounen Tanteidan (2011)
Nintama Rantarou (2011) -Kukuchi Heisuke
Hollywood Boy (2011) – Guest

Promotional Work



D-Live 2015 (2015)
TV Kyokuchu Hatto Bakumatsu Festival (2013)
Harudoko 2012 (2012)
D no Meshi Tomo! Vol 1. Tokyo Hen (2011) Harudoko 2011

D2 First Photobook "Always" (2012)


TVKC (2013)

“Damatte Ore ni Tsuitekoi” – as Shinsengumi
“One night Aratamedearu – as Okita Soji
“Shuku Shuku Shukusei” – as Okita Soji
“Love Taishi” – as Okita Soji


Shi-O-A-Ji – “Tsubasa o Kudasai” PV (2012)

Idol DVD

D2 The First Message#2 Atsushi x Akustu “Versus” (2011)


PV appearance


Johnny Jr.

Summary 2008


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