Maeyama Takahisa | 前山剛久

Name: 前山剛久
Name (romaji): Maeyama Takahisa
Birthdate: 1991 - February-07
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Height: 172 cm
Blood type: O

Talent agency: Watanabe Entertainment
Associated Act: D2 (2010-), D-Boys (2015 -)
Genre: Film, Stage, TV
Active: 2010 -
Awards: 0
ameblo (ma-i-do)
Twitter (uechan_1905)

Affliated now with the young all-male performance troupe D-Boys, Mae-chan joined D2 in 2010 after being selected as one of the finalist for the D-BOYS Special Unit Audition (named later as D-DATE). That same year he became a member of D2.

Profile | Drama | Film | Stage | Photo

A university graduate, Mae-chan started his career as an actor in 2010 with his debut in Musical Nintama Rantaro (2010) and has since gone on to performer in a number of stage productions. The most recent “Corda Blue ♪ Sky First Stage” (2015).

As well as stage actin, Mae-chan has appeared on screen in some movies, however, his most known role is arguably as Sora/Gremlin the psychopathic villian from Kamen Rider Wizard (2013).


Magic Night (2014) – Hikari
Red x Pink (2014)
Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land (2013)
Portable Boyfriend (2012)




Kamen Rider Wizard (TV Asahi/ 2013) – Sora/Gremlin

TV Specials/Variety TV/Short Films

Sengoku Nabe TV (TV Asahi/ 2012) – Various roles



D-Boys 10th Anniversary “10 minute classroom discussion” (2014)
TV Kyokuchu Hatto (TV Asahi/ 2012-13)



TV Anime



Stage. “K Stage: Lost Small World” (2016)
Mucical. “Super Handsome High School Defence LOVE” (2016)
Musical. “Fushigi Yugi” (2016)
Stage. “Handsome Storyteller Seventh Act” (2016)
D-Stage 17th. “Sunset Den”
Musical. “Corda Blue ♪ Sky First Stage” (2015) – Kisaragi
D-Stage 16th. “GARANTIDO” (2015)
Stage. “Natsume Soseki and cat” (2015)
D-Stage 15th. ”
D-Stage 12th. “TRUMP” (2013) – Julian/Dali
Stage. “Ride the Boat” (2013) – Shirai
Stage. “VISUALIVE Persona4~The EVOLUTION” (2012) – Yosuke
Stage. “VISUALIVE Persona4” (2012) – Yosuke
Stage. “Saigo no Bansan” (2011)
Musical. “Nintama Rantaro 3rd” (2011)
Stage. “ABC ★ Akasaka Boys Cabaret” (2011)
Musical. “Nintama Rantaro” (2011)

Promotional Work

Photo Books + Calender

D2 First Photobook “Always” (2012)

Promotional DVDS

D-Live 2015 (2015)
TV Kyokuchu Hatto Bakumatsu Festival (2013)
Harudoko (2012)
D no Meshi Tomo! Vol.2 Osaka hen (2011)
Harudoko (2011)

PV appearance

Nakagawa Shoko “Sakuairo” (2011)



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