Yokohama Ryusei | 横浜流星

Name: 横浜流星
Name (romaji): Yokohama Ryusei
Birthdate: 1996-September-16
Birthplace: Yokohama, Japan
Height: 174 cm
Blood type: O

ryuseiTalent agency: Stardust
Genre: TV, Film, Stage
Active: 2009 -
Awards: 0
Ameblo (Blog) 

Although now affliated with Stardust Promotions, Ryusei had his start with EBiDAN (a sub-set group of Stardust) as a working model and served as a model from 2009 until his gradution in March 2015. Nowadays he is getting more recognition as a actor.

Profile | Drama | Film | Stage | Photo

Ryusei had his debut as a guest actor in Kamen Rider Fourze , before in 2013 winning a regular appearance on the last night drama The Chasing World: The Origin. Then in 2014 came his breakout role as Hikari in Ressha Sentai Toqger. The role opening Ryusei’s career to more jobs, and in 2015 acts as male lead in the drama JK is a Snow Woman

As well as dramas, Ryusei has acted in some films (non-tokusatu) appearing as a high school student in Joker Game (2013) and in Maruyama, The Middle Schooler,

Furthermore, Ryusei is no stranger in theatre with a few stage performances under his belt including “Moonlight Rambler” (2013), CLOCK ZERO~One Second to demise (2013) and most recent chairmaned the second installment of Super Danganrompa 2 THE STAGE (2015) as Hinata.


Toshokan (2017)
Kiseki: Sobito of That Day | Kiseki Ano Hi no Sobito (2017) – Navi
Shuukatsu (2016) – (segement “epsiode 2”)
Angel Horror (2016)
Zenin, Kataomoi (2016) – (segment “Ibu no Okurimono”)
Wolf Girl and Black Prince | Okami Shojo to Kuro Oji (2016)
Shuriken Sentai Ninniger Vs. Limited Express (2016) – Hikari
Ressha Sentai Toqger THE MOVIE (2015) – Hikari
Ressha Sentail Toqger THE MOVIE Galaxy Line SOS (2014) – Hikari
Eagle and Hawk (2014) – Seiji Wahiso (child)
Hesei Rider VS. Showa Rider War ft. Super Sentai (2014) – Hikari
Maruyama, The Middle Schooler | Chuugakusei Maruyama (2013) – Funaki
Joker Game (2012) – Student



Undercover Idol and Criminal Dance | Deka Dance (TV Tokyo, 2016)
JK is a Snow Woman | JK wa Yuki Onna (TBS-MBS / 2015) – Rei Ando
Ressha Sentai ToQger (TV Asahi/ 2014) – Hikari
After School Groove (TBS/ 2013) – Taro
The Chasing World: The Origin | Riaru Onigokko The Origin (TVS-Chiba TV-tvk / 2013) – Yo Sato
Kamen Rider Fourze (TV Asahi/ 2012) – Iseki Jiro (G.A)

TV Specials



Stage. BIOHAZARD THE EXPERIENCE (2017) – Karasawa
Stage. “Dark Hunter” (2016)
Stage. “Super Danganrompa 2 THE STAGE ~ Goodbye Despair School” (2015) – Hinata
Stage. “Samurai White Tiger Mononofu White Tiger” (2015) – Ito Teiji
Stage. “CLOCK ZERO~One Second to demise” (2013) – Rebel
Stage. “Moonlight Ramber” (2013) – Leo

Other works

Secret Girl (2011) – Episode 1 (web drama)

Promotional Work

Photo Books + Calender

Innocent (2014)

Promotional DVDS

R (2014)

PV appearances

NMB48 “Ferry” (2016)
Fo’xTails “Innocent Graffiti” (2015)
Yusuke “Lemon” (2013)
ZONE “Miracle ~ Treasure in the Heart~Kimi and I” (2012)


Glory Seminar. “Junior High/ High School Entrance Exam” (2011-2013)


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