It’s been a little over a year since the last list. A few chnages since then. Less idols, more actors especially stage performers (70/30 split) also there are about 15-20 new names on the list since several graduated (turned 30) or others just became less acitve in the last year.

Some new names include: Sato Ryuji (theatre actor), Takanori Iwata (actor), Yu Inaba (actor), Onodera Akira (actor), Syuusuke Saito (theatre actor), Tatsuya Nakayama (actor) and others.

The list is not ranked.

As always this list is a personal bias, and comes about because of certain criteria.

  • Currency (or populatiry of an actor at the time);
  • Exposure (the total number of projects in the last and upcoming 12 months);
  • Talent (awards won);
  • Personal bias (I have favourites too); and
  • X Factor (actor potential or ‘really’ want to see more of them).

(P.S the plan is to have a small written bio for each name – similar to this post – half of which are complete).

Also the actors who just didn’t make the list. Maybe next year.

The highly reccommended.


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