Murakami Nijiro | 村上虹郎

Name: 村上虹郎
Romanji: Murakami Nijiro
Birthdate: 1997-03-17
Birthplace: Japan
Height: - cm.
Blood Type: -

murakaTalent Agency: Decade
Genre: Film, TV, Stage
Active: 2014 -
Awards: 2
Official Page

Murakami Nijiro, son of famous actor Murakami Jun and singer-songwriter UA was born March 17, 1997.

A keen swimmer, guitarist, as well as first dan Kendo holder, Nijiro turned actor with his debut in the 2014 feature film Still the Water – a role that won him Best Newcomer Actor Award at the 29th Takasaki Film Festival.

Since he has gone on to appear in several feature films, TV series and on stage.

Profile | Drama | Film | Stage

In 2014, after his success, Nijiro’s popularity increased with casting in As the Gods Will (2014), and later in Forget Me Not, (2015), Angel’s Knife (2015) and Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (2015). In 2015, he also landed his first stage appearance in Let’s go to write in abandon town.

Returning to the cinema screen, in 2016, having completed his lead role in the TV series Aogeba Toutoshi, Nijiro was cast in Distraction Babies, and Natsumi’s Firefly; both projects winning him the Best Upcoming Rising Star award at the 8th TAMA film Awards (2016), as well as a special award as a member of the cast of Distraction Babies.

Ready to add to his career, Njiro already in 2017 has two feature films, the first as male lead in Nidome no Natsu, Nidoto Aenai Kimi (2017) and Mukoku (2017) – where he plays a high school Kendo student and co-stars with Ayano Go.


Cold Case (WOWOW / 2016) – Episode 5
Aogeba Toutoshi (TBS / 2016) – Hiroto Aosima
SHIBUYA zero-chome (Fuji TV/ 2016) – Ogito
Angel’s Knife | Tenshi no Naifu (WOWOW / 2015) – Jun Maruyama (boy C)

TV Movies | Specials 

Josei Sakka Mysteries Utsukushiki Mitsu no Uso (Fuji TV / 2016) – Shogo Tachiki (segment “Flame”)
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day |  (Fuji TV / 2015) – Jinta Yadomi (“Jintan”)


Mukoku (2017) – Tooru Haneda
Nidome no Natsu, Nidoto Aenai Kimi (2017) – Satoshi Shinohara
Natsumi’s Firefly (2016) – Koei
Distraction Babies  (2016) – Shota Ashihara
Sayonara (2015)
Forget Me Not (2015) – Takashi Hayama
Still the Water  (2014) – Kaito

Other works

Respect (2016, directed by Naomi Kawase) – deaf boy (part of the NARA East Asian Cultural Festival video exchange project) also starring Saito Takumi
Dear Father (2016) – Son
(Tobitate! study aboard campaign web movie)


Best Newcomer Actor Award (2015) – “Still the Water” – 29th Takasaki Film Festival
Best Upcoming Rising Actor Award (2016) – “Destruction Babies” – 8th TAMA film Awards


Stage.Electra (2017)
Stage. Far away from Shibuya (2016)
Stage.Let’s go out to write in abandon town. (2014)


PV appearances

Sunny Day Service “Punch Drunk Love Song” (2016)
Satomimagae “Tower” (2016)
Ishisaki Huwie “kabin no hana” (2016)
Ohashi Trio “Cheery Pie”, “Parody”, “Sally” (2015, directed by Saito Takumi)

CD Single
Notable CM



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