Takasugi Mahiro |高杉真宙

Name: 高杉真宙 
Romanji: Takasugi Mahiro
Birthdate: 1996-07-04
Birthplace: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Height: 170 cm.
Blood Type: A

mahiiTalent Agency: Spice Power
Genre: Film, TV, Stage
Active: 2009 -
Awards: 0
Official Page

Takasugi Mahiro, affectionally named Mahii by fans, was born July 4, 1996 and often mistaken in his youth for a girl. Scouted during sixth grade elementary school Mahii made his debut as an actor in the 2009 play Every Little Thing and went on to act in his first feature film a year later in Hanjirou (2010)  and was male lead in film Quartet! | Karuteto! (2012) – at the age of 16.

Profile | Drama | Film | Stage

In 2012, as well as films, Mahii also stared in a number of TV series including in the Jigaigeki  Taira no Kiyomori and the stage production of Satomi Hakkenden (2012) – a role he returned to play in 2014. However his popularity increased in 2013 when cast in Kamen Rider Gaim as the easily misguided Mitchi. A character he played in several movies as well.

Keen to capitalise on his popularity, in 2015 Mahii became a member of the cast of Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu! and appeared in two feature films with success; Bon Lin | Bon to Lin chan (2014) and The World of Kanako | Kawaki (2014). Furthermore, he chairmaned the stage production of Trump (2015).

Quiet in 2016, apart from a few guest appearances in shows and the stage production of Dark Hunter, Mahii in 2017 already has two feature films in the works; the first P and JK | P to JK (2017) and the second Gyakko no Koro (2017) where he plays the lead character Takatoyo Akada.


Whose Is the Cuckoo’s Egg? (WOWOW / 2016) – Shingo Torigoe
Sumika Sumire (TV Asahi / 2016) – Keiwa Amano
Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa |  (NTV / 2016) – Owada (GA. ep1)
Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu! (TBS / 2015) – Yu Miyazaki
Ghostwriter (Fuji TV / 2015) – Daiki Tono
Daddy Detective (TBS / 2015) – Naoki Nagayama (ep.2)
Kamen Rider Gaim (TV Asahi/ 2013) – Mitchi
Garo (TV Tokyo/ 2013) – GA. ep9
No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35 | 35 sai no Kokosei (NTV / 2013) – Ren Higashi
High School Entrance Exam | Koko Nyushi (Fuji TV / 2012) – Yoshitaka Matsushima
Taira no Kiyomori (NHK. 2012)
13-sai no Hello Work (TV Asahi/ 2012)
Legal Eagle, First Class | Tokujo Kabachi!! (TBS / 2010) – ep.4

TV Movies | Specials 

Furusato ~Musume no Tabidachi~ (Fuji TV / 2011) – Mamoru Saeki (young)


Strolling Invader | Sanpo Suru Shinryakusha (2017)
Gyakko no Koro
(2017) – Takatoyo Akada
Torigiri (2017) – Kei Takahashi
P and JK | P to JK (2017) – Heisuke Okami
Bon Lin | Bon to Lin chan (2014) – Rintaro Tomoda (Lin)
The World of Kanako | Kawaki (2014) – Matsunaga
Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle (2014)- Mitchi
Kamen Rider Gaim: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup!
(2014)- Mitchi
Heisei Rider vs. Shōwa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai
(2014)- Mitchi
Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle (2013)- Mitchi
Quartet! | Karuteto! (2012)
The Lady Shogun and Her Men | Ohoku (2010) – servant
Hanjirou (2010) – Ichiki Shinnosuke

Other works

After five years of love letters (2010, BeeTV ) – Wataru Shimura (childhood) role



Stage. “Dark Hunter” (2016)
Stage. “TRUMP” (2015)
Stage. “Satomi Hakkenden” (2014)
Stage. “Satomi Hakkenden” (2012)
Stage. “Jeanne d’Arc” (2010)
Stage. “Jump Camellia” (2010)
Stage. “Every Little Thing 09′” (2009)


PV appearances

Photo Albums

Takasugi Mahiro Photo Collection METAMORPHOSIS (2015)
Takasugi Mahiro ~ Mahiro walk (2016)

Notable CM

Nexon “MapleStory ” (2010)
P & G “Febreze ” (March 2012 -)
Leopalace 21 (student discount ed.) (October 2014 -)
Bourbon “Rashukure” (2016)
Adidas “Adidas bag” (2016)



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