Konishi Seiya |小西成弥

Name: 小西成弥
Romanji: Konishi Seiya
Birthdate: 1994-09-06
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Height: 171cm
Blood Type: -

seiyaTalent Agency: Ena Ent.
Genre: Stage, Film
Active: 2010 -
Awards: 0
Official Page

Konishi Seiya was born in Osaka on the 6th September, 1994. A prominant stage actor, Konishi has won success in many musicals and theatre productions abielt his young age. He has an intense passion for acting, which is apparent through his strong protrayal of any character he plays.

Profile | Drama | Film | Stage


Stage. ALL OUT!! THE STAGE (2017) – Hanazono Midori
Stage. Ace of Diamond A The Live IV (2017) – Noburu Nariyama
Stage. Fancy Suite Vol 13 Irregular Short Stories “Suite Encounter” (2016)
Recitation Drama. Best Bungaku Vol 11 “Human Chair/ Magican” (2016) – Mrs. Yoshiko
Musical. Mageki Maou! Runaway Devil (2016) – Shibuya Yuri
Stage. ReLife (2016) – Akiko Inukai
Stage. A Midsummer’s Night Dream (2016) – Helena
Stage. Ensemable Stars! On stage (2016)
Musical. Makai Prince ~ Devils and Realist (2016)
Stage. History of Japan 2016 version “Minamoto no Yoshitsune” (2016)
Reading Drama. Clouds above, Overflowing Light (2016)
Musical. Heart of the Country of Alice ~ Beast Revival (2016)
Stage. Hakuoki ~ Sweet School Life  ~ The STAGE (2015)
Stage. Bobjack Theatre vol 20. “Until the End of the World” (2015)
Stage. Suzue Miuchi x Glass Mask Theatre presents “Woman Pirate Bianaca” (2015)
Stage. Away Neverland (2015) – Tooties (lost boy)
Musical. Heart of the Country of Alice (2015) – Boris
Stage. Raspberry Boy (2014)
Stage. Prince of Sleepless Town (2013)
Musical. Ninja MARU-kun (2013)
Stage. D’TOT 4th Act “Shinsegumi Bloodsucker” (2012)
Stage. Book Gallery Cafe ~ Grimm Forest (2012) – Kakeru
Stage. FLYING PANCAKE (2012)
Musical. Prince of Tennis 2nd Season (2011-2014) – Fuji Yuta
Stage. Morinaga Chocolate Presents “Sweetboy Amadan” (2010)
Stage. Hakkenden (2010)


Vanilla Boy ~ Tomorrow is Another Day (2016)
Hakuoki ~ Sweet School Life ~ THE MOVIE (2016)
Akira No.2 (2014)
Dance! Dance! Dance (2014)
Ooku (2010)


Emperor of the New South (2016)
Warrior V (2015)
Hakuoki ~ Sweet School Life (TOKYO MX2/ 2015) – Kaoru
Friday Prestige “Villian” (Fuji TV/ 2012)
I Love Chocolate “Sweet Boy ~ Amadan ~ Another Story (BS-TBS/ 2011) – Yuhei


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