Shimauma | Zebra (2016)

Shimauma “Zebra” is based on the manga of the same name. It’s a hyper violent story of revenge and the dark underworld that exists– the collection agencies – where people are paid money to take revenge on others by any means necessary. Dora (Ryo Ryusei) is a young man, with a small gang, who runs…

Konishi Seiya |小西成弥

Young but talented, Konishi Seiya continues to make stardom on the stage.

Death Note~ Light up the NEW world

Let’s talk Death Note. Most people know the backstory of Death Note; basically Shinigami’s (death gods) exist and in their possession are death notes, a book in which the name of the person you write in dies. You can specify how, the place and time, but if nothing is written then the person dies of…

Yoshizawa Ryo |吉沢亮

Name: 吉沢亮 Romanji: Yoshizawa Ryo Birthdate: 1994-02-01 Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan Height: 171cm Blood Type: B

Mackenyu: Drama Gallery

Although, already debuted as an actor, Mackenyu turned his full attention to acting in 2015 with appearances in several TV series including those below.

Someya Toshiyuki Stage Gallery

Someya Toshiyuki | 染谷俊之 Affliated with Ltd. GFA, Someya had his debut in 2008. After which he has been active in various mediums as an actor and model. His first work was in the stage production “So Empty” before going to act in the ASSH project “The World is built on my CUBE” (2010). Profile…

Takasugi Mahiro |高杉真宙

Name: 高杉真宙 Romanji: Takasugi Mahiro Birthdate: 1996-07-04 Birthplace: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan Height: 170 cm. Blood Type: A

Mackenyu| 真剣佑

An actor both home and away, Mackenyu continues to share the spotlight in Hollywood and Japan, with his next big adventure in Pacific Rim: Maelstrom


It’s been a little over a year since the last list. A few chnages since then. Less idols, more actors especially stage performers (70/30 split) also there are about 15-20 new names on the list since several graduated (turned 30) or others just became less acitve in the last year. Some new names include: Sato…