Akutsu Shintaro

Japanese: 阿久津愼太郎
Name (romanji): Akutsu Shintaro
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1995-June-21
Birthplace: Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
Height: 177 cm
Blood Type: B
Talent Agency: Watanabe Entertainment
Associated Act: D-BOYS (2013 - ), D2 (2009 - ), Johnny Jr. (2008-2009)
Genre: TV, Film, Stage
Active: 2008 -

Previously a Johnny Jr. Shin left the agency in 2009 and auditoned instead for the 6th D-BOYS audition that same year, where he won Grand Prix and later became a member of the troupe D2.

Active since 2009, he has appeared on stage in several production as well as in films. However, is best known for his role as Torii Shinichi in the TV drama Aozora no Tamago (2012) and his work as Okita Soiji in TVKC.

Furthermore in 2014 he turned his talents to directing the short film “Classroom 10minute discussion” as part of the D-BOY 10th Anniversary Short Film Festival Project.

Profile | Works | Drama | Film | Stage | Photo



1/11 Juuichi Bun no Ichi (2014) BRIGHT AUDITION [x] (2014)
Go Go Ikemen 5 [x] (2013) – Yoshioka Yuto
Life Is Dead [x] (2012) – Yuuki
Black Angels 2 (2012)
Pole Dancing Boys [x] (2011) – Shintaro
Soredemo Hana wa Saiteyuku [x] (2011) – Wataru


Short Films

D-BOYS Short Film Festival "10minute classroom discussion" (2014)

Can Win Even If Weak | Yowakutemo Katemasu (NTV/ 2014)
Aozora no Tamago (BS Asahi/ 2012) – Torii Shinichi

Drama Specials | Movies


Variety TV

TV. Kyokuchu Hatto (2012-13) – Okita Soji
Tokyo Etoile (NTV/ 2012-2013) – Etoile Cadet
D2 no Meshi Tomo! (TV Asahi/ 2011)

Internet Drama | Net Movie




D-BOYS STAGE 2010 Trial-2 “Last Game” (2010) 
D-BOYS STAGE 10th "Samashii Magnet" (2012) - Rueben
D-STAGE 12th "Trump" (2013) - Rafaello/ Angelico
Nintama Rantarou (2011) -Kukuchi Heisuke
Hollywood Boy (2011) - Guest
Detective Boys | Shounen Tanteidan (2011)
クリンドルクラックス! (2012)

Promotional Work


TV Kyokuchu Hatto Bakumatsu Festival (2013)
Harudoko 2012
D no Meshi Tomo! Vol 1. Tokyo Hen (2011)
Harudoko 2011
D2 First Photobook "Always" (2012)


TVKC (2013)
"Damatte Ore ni Tsuitekoi" (as Shinsengumi)
DAN DARA "One night Aratamedearu) (as Okita Soji)
"Shuku Shuku Shukusei" (as Okita Soji)
"Love Taishi" (as Okita Soji)
Shi-O-A-Ji - "Tsubasa o Kudasai" PV (2012)
Idol DVD
D2 The First Message#2 Atsushi x Akustu "Versus" (2011)


PV appearance
Johnny Jr.
Summary 2008

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