Arai Atsushi

Name: 荒井敦史
Name (romanji): Arai Atsushi 
Profession: Actor, and model
Birthdate: 1993-May-23
Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Height: 183 cm.
Star Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: O
Talent Agency: Watanabe Entertainment (D2)
Associated Acts: D-BOYS (2013 - ), D2 (2010 - )
Genre: Film, Stage, TV
Active: 2009 -

Arai Atsushi, in 2009 won the 21st JUNON Super Boy Contest and singed with Watanabe Ent. Later, in July that year he became a new member of the troupe D2, the spin-off “brother” group of D-BOYS. As of 2013, D2 has merged with D-BOYS making Arai a member of the all-male acting, dancing, troupe.

Profile | Works | Drama | Film | Stage | Photo

Arai, along with Nishii, was one the first D2 boys to go-out alone and start his acting career. Although he got his start with the other 10 members in Pole Dancing Boys (2010), Arai has since acted in a  B-grade horror film (“Real Onigokko 4“) and as bad-boy pretty boy Reo in Gachiban (in four films to date). He has also staged act – his next appearance (outside D-stage productions) acting in Condor’s Love (2014).


Brain Fluid Explosion Girl (2015) – Daiji Kuboga
Kiri: Shokugyo Koroshiya (2015) – Kei
Zutaboro (2015) – Yakko
Gachiban Chronicle (2014) – Reo
kotokotokotoko (2014)
Gachiban Supremacy 2 (2013) – Reo
Lesson of the Evil | Aku no Kyoten (2012) – Takuto Kato
Life Is Dead (2012)  – Daisuke
Gachiban Tribal (2012) –  Reo
Gachiban WORST MAX (2012) – Reo
The Chasing World 4 | Riaru Onigokko 4 (2012) – Masaharu
The Chasing World 3 | Riaru Onigokko 3 (2012) – Masaharu
Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze and OOO Movie Taisen Mega Max  (2011) – Miharu Minato
Life Back Then | Anotoki  no Inochi (2011)
Messiah (2011) – Erie
Pole Dancing Boys (2010) – Atsushi


GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (Fuji TV-KTV / 2014) – Ryoto Yuzawa
Dr. DMAT (TBS / 2014) – Kurokawa Hayato (G.A ep9)
Tumbling (TBS/ 2010)

Drama Movie | Special

Hula Girl and Dog (TV Tokyo/ 2015)
D-BOYS 10th Anniversary Short “Breed in 10 Hours” (ABC/ 2014)
High School Kageki ~ Otoko-gumi (TBS/ 2012) – Student
Nouhime SP (TV Asahi/ 2012) – Kiheiji
Chushingura SP (TV Asahi/ 2010) – Hashimoto Haize
Rubicon (TV Tokyo/ 2009) – Ishikawa Ryo

D-Boys | D2

Variety TV

TV. Kyokuchu Hatto (2012-13) – Matsubara Chuuji
D2 no Meshi Tomo! (2011)



D-stage 14th Twelfth Night (2013) – Sebastian
D-stage 12th “TRUMP” (2012)
D-Stage 2010 Trial 2 “Last Game” (2010)- Yutaka

Satomi Hakkenden (2014) – Inuta
Condor’s Love (2014) – Taki Daikichi
High School Kageki Otoko-gumi (2012) – Jun
Kaki/ Hana Oni (2011) – Rei




TV Kyokuchu Hatto Bakumatsu Festival (2013)
Harudoko 2012 (2012)
D no Meshi Tomo! Vol 1. Tokyo Hen (2011)
Harudoko 2011 (2011)


D2 First Photobook “Always” (2012)


“Damatte Ore ni Tsuitekoi” (as Shinsengumi)
FUNKY TANICHI BROTHERS “Chippoke ni Mirareru Bokura” (as Sanjuro) You too “Sacchiro” (as Ryoma)
“Love Taishi” (as Nagakura)
Shi-O-A-Ji – “Tsubasa o Kudasai” PV (2012)

Idol DVD

D2 The First Message#2 Atsushi x Akustu "Versus" (2011)

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PV appearance



JUNON Super Boy Contest Vol.21 Atsushi Arai (2009)

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MILKBOY (2010)


Bandai Namco " Super Robot Wars K "(2009)

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  1. suyomi says:

    I think you mistook the name of the two units in TVKC. The unit of the three brothers is FUNKY Tanichi BROTHERS and the unit with Kenki and Mae-chan names “You too”, not “For you”.
    Arai Atsushi is my favourite in D2 OwO

    1. fiibii says:

      Hey thanks for the corrections. Anticipating mistakes because most of this is done on memory, so I rely on comments from people like you to proof-read. Thank you again once more for your input.

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