Gachi-ban: 2010-2014

Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Kubota Masataka, Suzunosuke, Natsumi Kamata

Hayato Kuronaga (Kubota Masataka) feared as one the strongest fighters in the district voluntarily drops out of his last year of high school and finds himself in the Holy Land of Yakuza in Shibuya. Where he meets Yoshio senpai (Suzunosuke), former top of the school, and Noriko a high school student who sells her body for cash. Hayato soon becomes a part of that world.

Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Kubota Masataka, Suzunosuke, Natsumi Kamata

After the big fight in Shibuya, Hayato returns to live with Noriko and Yoshio in Kabukicho. Meanwhile students from Kabukicho High School start to terrorize the local residents, and manipulate the Yakuza to their bidding. Hayato, doesn’t stand for the tyranny and becomes the number one target, which leads to a major event that shakes the whole of Kabukicho.

Title: GACHI-BAN Ultimate (IX)
Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Kubota Masataka, Sano Kazuma, Suzunosuke, Okamoto Natsuki

As a result of a brutal group fight, Hayato is arrested and detained in a reformatory. Where like a wild-caged animal goes on the rampage beating other inmates to gain status as the ‘strongest’. Meanwhile, Monji (Sano Kazuma), at the same reformatory, is released from solitary confinement and receives some unexpected shocking news. Its fate these two Yankees are to fight, but who wins the decisive battle.

Title: GACHI-BAN Maximum (X)
Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Kubota Masataka, Suzunosuke, Nagasawa Nao, Izaki Hisato

Following his release from the reformatory, Hayato is a free man and begins working at a Korean host club, the same one Yoshio works at. Unable to handle the woman and work he immediately wants to quit. However, Yoshio soon ends up saddled with a large debt a customer has made and is forced to pay with his life in a illegal underground fighting match. To save Yoshio, Hayato enters instead and comes up against Honda (Izaki Hisato) a ex-pro boxer.

Title: GACHI-BAN Ultimatum (XI)
Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Kubota Masataka, Sano Kazuma, Sakamoto Hiromi

On the run from Yakuza in Shinjuku, Hayato is helped by the biker Owada (Sakamoto Hiromi) who wears a “Gold Skull” jacket. Meanwhile, Monji, also now a free man, starts to assimilate to the outside world. However, soon he wants to find the rival gang, “Gold Skull” responsible for him getting arrested. And as fate would have it Monji and Hayato find themselves in combat once more.

Title: GACHI-BAN Ultimatum 2 (XII)
Director: Takashi Motoki Starring: Kubota Masataka, Sano Kazuma

The head of the notorious biker group “Gold Skull” is released from prison and immediately starts to seek retribution for lost pride against the rival gang that put him away. Meanwhile, Hayato hides (and nurses) Monji, who was seriously injured in combat with Owada, in fear Monji will be killed by the Gold Skulls.

The final showdown is about to begin….

Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Kubota Masataka, Suzunosuke, Endo Yuya

Hayato and Yoshio escape from Kabukicho and end up in rural town in the north Kanto region. After a violent allocation with their new boss, Hayato spends the night outside a service station and gets sympathy and attention from Miyuki, one of the workers and girlfriend of Satake (Endo Yuya), a local Yankee. At the same time Hayato meets Mitsukuni, a 35 year old Yakuza member whom teaches him about empathy. When Miyuki is kidnapped, Hayato goes to save her, but Satake, the boyfriend isn’t too impressed

Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Kubota Masataka, Suzunosuke, Arai Atsushi (D2)

By chance, Hayato lands himself a job as the body guard of the charismatic model Reo (Arai Atsushi). Reo is not only a pretty face, but makes a second living working as a ruthless debt collector, tormenting the people of the city and forcing one woman (Miho) to perform sexual acts. Hayato soon becomes angry with Reo and begins to sympathize with Miho finding a way to help her. But does Miho want help.

Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Arai Atsushi (D2), Hisanori Sato

After his beat down with Hayato, Reo returns to his job as the charismatic model who moonlights as a black-market debt collector, stopping at nothing to get the payment. However, along for the ride is new kid Kawasaki (Hisanori Sato) Reo’s underling. But when deadbeat dad reappears in his life, things start to spiral out of control. Can anyone stop and/or save Reo.

Title: GACHI-BAN Supremacy (XVI)
Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Kubota Masataka, Sano Kazuma. Suzonosuke, Kato Ryo, Suzuki Mirai

While Monji (Sano Kazuma) remains top of the school (even if he had been held back two years running) and continues forever more to be a high school student, Hayato on the other hand has became a productive member of society with an office job. But after another violent allocation with his new boss Hayato re-examines his life and decides that higher education for once is the answer. So with help from rival-and-friend Monji, Hayato studies hard for the first time ever in his life.

Title: GACHI-BAN Supremacy 2 (XVII)
Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Sano Kazuma, Arai Atsushi (D2), Hisanori Sato, Kamitsuru Toru (D2)

Charismatic model Reo is penniless and unemployed after the organization he worked for (and Kawasaki) betrayed him. Furthermore his deadbeat father recommends Reo enter night school. Reluctantly Reo (and Kawasaki) start to attend high school as part-timers, however old habits die hard and Reo soon encounters rival Yankees and the strongest gang leader of the school, third year Mori Monji.


Title: GACHI-BAN Expended (XVIII)
Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Sano Kazuma, Endo Yuya, Narumi Konno

Monji, the proud 20 year old school uniform wearing Yankee gang leader, is invited to Tokyo by a member of a Yakuza gang. Trouble happens, a fight breaks out and Monji inadvertently stabs the younger brother of the Yakuza boss. Fearing his life Monji runs, however Yakuza underlining Satake (Endo Yuya) wants to impress and captures Monji, dragging Monji’s body in front of his bosses. Monji is then handcuffed and tortured. Can he survive.


Title: Gachiban Z proxy war (XIX)
Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Masaki Reiya, Kato Ryo, Kamitsuru Toru, Suzunosuke

With Monji absent from school, on a expedition of conquest against the country, a new breed of second generation Yankees fight to take over leadership at the school.

 chronicle Title: GACHI-BAN Chronicle (XX)
Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Sano Kazuma, Kubota Masataka, Arai Atsushi (D2)

After his mortal combat showdown with Satake (Endo Yuya), Monji returns to school, but the schools name has been tarnished in his absence because of postings on a mysterious site named “FUCK BOOK”. Monji tries to save face and recover his school honour, this time aided by part-timer Reo, but when frenemy Hayato appears things take an unexpected turn….. and Matsuda is not happy.

1972509_617731634961978_1190276524_n Title: GACHI-BAN ULTRA MAX (XXI)
Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Kubota Masataka, Yamada Yuki (D2), Suzunosuke

When Ando (Yamada Yuki), a loyal underling to his boss and Hayato, who now works as a bouncer at a snack bar, meet its like cats and dogs, Ando willing to kill to become ‘top dog’. Also Hayato gets a girlfriend! (or not).


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