Gachi-ban: 2008-2009

51O7Nm5tMDL Title: GACHI-BAN
Director: Hideo
Starring: Kubozuka Shunsuke, MotokiFukami, Keisuke Minami, Jiro Sato

Three friends, Takumi (Shunsuke), Mikami and Furusawa are feared and known as the “Three Crows” in their school. However, after graduation the three go their separate ways, vowing that they rule over their respected high schools. At Kinugasa High School, the school Takumi attends that means battling the strongest student Kijima, who is just back from a suspension.

Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Kubozuka Shunsuke, Motoki Fukami, Keisuke Minami, Jiro Sato, Sano Kazuma

At Kinugasa High School, third year student and leader/Bancho of the Black Dogs is famous among delinquents. But as graduation approaches its time for Takumi to find a successor. Lucky, Mori Monji transfers schools. Could he be the one?

Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Sano Kazuma, Nakayama Takuya, Kanayama Kazuhiko….

Monji ascends the throne as the new Bancho, his aim to conquer the world of Japan. However his other team members aren’t as ambitious, becoming lazy. It’s up to Monji to knock some sense back into his gang.

Director: Takashi Motoki
Starring: Sano Kazuma

On his mission to conquer Japan, Monji spends every day and night fighting with the aim of national domination. Then one day, in Kabukicho, Monji and gang encounter a rival gang led by Masamune, a ruthless man in possession of a handgun. Can Monji beat him?

Director: Ken-ichiro
Starring: Sano Kazuma , Matsuda Satoshi, Nakayama Takuya, Keisuke Minami….

Monji has succeeded in his plan to conquer the Kanagawa Prefecture but for Monji its national domination or nothing. Meanwhile, a rival Yankee gang from Kansai visits Tokyo and Monji’s childhood friend Mina almost gets caught between a territoy battle. And who’s in love?

Director: Ken-ichiro
Starring: Sano Kazuma

Not even a parent-teacher-student meeting about Monji’s future can persuade the high schooler to give up on his dream of national domination. But a rival gang might do so as Monji encounters his toughest opponents yet. The outcome, Monji makes a mistake that costs him his future.

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