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Future Musical and Butai DVD Releases MASTERLIST (as to March 2017)



It’s been a little over a year since the last list. A few chnages since then. Less idols, more actors especially stage performers (70/30 split) also there are about 15-20 new names on the list since several graduated (turned 30) or others just became less acitve in the last year. Some new names include: Sato…

Gallery: Stageplay: Ishiwatari Mashu

Ishiwatari Mashu| 石渡真修   Profile | Drama | Film | Stage | Photo Stage. “Okiku Furikabutsu” (2018) – Takeshi Asuka Stage. “I ★ CHU THE STAGE ~ Stairway to Étoile~” (2018) Stage. ALL OUT! THE STAGE (2017) – Akito Miyuki Musical. “OHARU ~ Railway 2” (2016) Musical. “Devils and the Realist” (2016) – William Stage….

Saito Takumi |斎藤工

Name: 斎藤工 Name (romaji): Saito Takumi / Saitoh Takumi Birthdate: 1981-Aug-22 Birthplace: Tokyo Height: 184 cm. Star sign: Leo

Musical and Butai DVD Releases MASTERLIST

Musical and Butai DVD Releases MASTERLIST This is a work in progress Comprehensive list of all the Japanese musicals and butais released and still available for purchase from with Amazon.jp or CDJapan. Will update once new titles are released. At present 13 titles on the list (January, 2017) Retsu! Bakafuki – 9/28 YUKI FUJIWARA |…

25 Anticipated movies > 2017

The films on this list include those released in cinema in 2016 but coming to DVD in 2017 (**) as well as movies with cinema release in 2017. These are not in any rank, however the titles marked red are top of the ‘must watch’ list.

U21 Boys Club > 2016

The names of this list are the actors under 21 who have shown potential as the future generation of upcoming Japanese stars. Some of these names have been household as former child actors, others are new to the industry but are already making waves.

Nakamura Tomoya | 中村倫也

Name: Nakamura Tomoya Romanji: 中村倫也  Birthdate: 1986-12-24 Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan Height: 170 cm Blood Type: A

NEXT Generation (born after 1999)

This is still a work in progress, Name: 加部亜門 Name: Amon Kabe Born: June 11, 2003 Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan Name:吉澤太陽 Name: Yoshizawa Taiyo Born: January 19, 2003 Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan Name: 濱田龍臣 Name: Hamada Tatsuomi Born: August 27, 2000 Birthplace: Chiba, Japan Name: 小野寺晃良 (おのでら あきら) Name: Onodera Akira Born: July 16, 1999 Birthplace: Japan…

Ryusei Ryo | 竜星 涼

A fan favourite as “King”, Ryusei Ryo is moving on from Super Sentai into more mature roles.

Shimizu Kazuki |清水 一希

Name: 清水 一希 Romanji: Shimizu Kazuki Birthdate: 1990-04-24 Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan Height: 173cm Blood Type: B