Someya Toshiyuki | 染谷俊之

Name: 染谷俊之
Name (romaji): Someya Toshiyuki
Birthdate: 1987-December-17
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Height: 173 cm
Blood type: A

Talent agency: GFA 
Genre: Stage, Film
Active: 2009 -
Awards: 0
Ameblo (Blog) 

Affliated with Ltd. GFA, Someya had his debut in 2008. After which he has been active in various mediums as an actor and model. His first work was in the stage production “So Empty” before going to act in the ASSH project “The World is built on my CUBE” (2010).

Profile | Drama | Film | Stage | Photo

Very active as a stage performer Someya’s most known projects include: “Tokinonakade 2″ – as Fujiwara Saiwaitaka, “Musical The Prince of Tennis” – as Hirakoba, “Legend of Basara 2″ – as Asagi/The Blue King, Yowapeda – as Iskigaki, Fushigi Yugi – as Nuriko and “Messiah” as (the unfortunate) Mamiya. In 2014 he also chairman his first role in “Goodbye Shakespheare!!!” as well as appearing in “Angels of Margarita”, the 2015 production of “Host-chan: The Final” and recently in Maboroshi no Shiro ~Sengoku no Utsukushiki Kyouki~”

Not only an exclusive stage actor, Someya has appeared as at 2015 in 10 movies. His debut in the 2009 horror Tokyo Gore School | School Underground” before appearing twice in “Nana and Kaoru” (Chapter 1 and 2). Then in 2014 he starred as the co-protagonist in Kabaddieen (starring alongside Shogo Suzuki as Raider 2).  Also in 2015 he acted in both “Gewaltmovies as a delinquent and “Walk Together”.

This year (2015) he co-starred in Eating Crabs(and its follow up “Counting Sheep”) as well as “Kamikaze BAR”.

In contrast, Someya has only appeared in a few dramas. His first appearance as a high school student in “Akuma Love~Vampire Boy” (2009). Quiet for a number of years, Someya returned to the television screen in 2015 with the drama adaptation of “Messiah ~ Eisei no Shou – reprising his stage role as Mamiya, and in “Hakuoki SSL ~ Sweet School  Life” playing the role of Saito. Although he did appear between 2009-2010 in “Tokyo Mayokara” in various roles.


Song Dreamers (2016)
Counting Sheep (2015) – Tamiya
Kamikaze BAR (2015)
Eating Crabs (2015) – Tamiya
Gewalt 2 (2014)
Gewalt (2014)
Hanafubuki High School (2014) – Sho
Walk Together (2014) – Yuichi
Nana and Kaoru Chapter 2 (2012) – Yagami Hiroshi
Nana and Kaoru Chapter 1 (2011) – Yagami Hiroshi
Tokyo Gore School (2009) – Student




Hakuoki SSL ~ Sweet School Life (TOKYO MX/ 2015) – Saito
Messiah (TOKYO MX/ 2015) – Mamiya
Koishite Akuma ~ Vampire Boy (Fuji TV/2009)

TV Specials



Stage “Card Fight !! Vanguard” – Virtual Stage – Link Joker Edition (2017) – Sengamori Ren
Yoshiteri Genbun Shogun (2016) – Yoshifumi Ashikaga
Reading play. “Me and your summer team” (2016) – Junichi Katakura
Reading play. ‘I and Sekigahara’
Stage. “Touken Ranbu” (2016) – Tsurumaru
Stage. “A Moment to Remember” (2016) – Kosuke
Stage. “Maboroshi no Shiro ~Sengoku no Utsukushiki Kyouki~” – Saito
Stage. “Host-chan and I: THE FINAL” (2016) – Miyuki
Stage. “Card fight! Vanguard” (2016) – Ren
Stage. “Hakuoki SSL ~ Sweet School Life THE STAGE” (2015) – Saito
Stage. “Messiah” (2015) – Mamiya
Recitation Drama. “Friends of Tail” (2015)
Stage. “Nouvell Vague 2015” (2015)
Stage. “Angels of Margarita” (2014) – Hara
Stage “11th Concert CORNFLAKES “Goodbye Shakespeare!!!” (2014) –
Stage. “Mum and Us ~ Babys” (2014)
Stage. “Host-chan and I” (2014) – Miyuki
Stage “Fushigi Yugi” (2014) – Nuriko
Stage. “Yowapedal ~The Second Order” (2014) – Ishigaki Kotaro
Stage. “Folly of Grace” (2013) – Nicola
Stage. “Legend of Basara 2” (2014) – Asagi
Stage. “The LIGHT” (2013) – Guest
Stage. “ROBOTICS; NOTES” (2013) – Guest
Msucial . “Prince of Tennis 2nd Season – National Seigaku vs. Hyoutei” (2013) – Hirako
Musical. “Prince of Tennis 2nd Season – Seigaku vs Higa” (2012) – Hirako
Stage. “Tokinonakade 2: replay” (2012) – Fujiwara Saiwaitaka
Stage. “Book Gallery Cafe~Grimm Forest” – Guest
Stage. ASSH 16th project “Snow in Kaminarikeoka” – Earth
Stage. “Don-den” (2012) – Knight
Stage “Tokinonakade 2” (2011) – Fujiwara Saiwaitaka
Stage. ASSH 13th project “The World is built on my CUBE” (2010) – Jun
Stage. “So empty” (2008)

Promotional Work

Photo Books + Calender

Someya Toshiyuki Photobook (2015)

Promotional DVDS


PV appearances

Prince of Tennis 2nd Season “WE ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER” (2013)


“Earth Defense Force 2 PORTABLE” (2011)



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