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The winner of the GRAND PRIX, Tomo joined the troupe D-BOYS in 2006. His first official credit in a drama was as a classmate of Kudo Shinichi in the Meitantei Conan SP ~ Kudo Shinichi he no Chosenjo (NTV/ 2006), before D-BOYS.  He then became an official member of group and went on to star in Musical Tennis no Oujisama playing the role of Seigaku regular Kaidoh and unlike many of his more popular D-BOYS comrades Tomo never starred in a Tokusatsu. However, Tomo made a mark for himself as the first Takumi in the popular Takumi-kun BL series. No stranger to the genre, Tomo over the years,  has acted a total of four other gay/homosexual characters in doramas. As well as playing gay and straight roles, including as a baby-daddy in Akai Ito (Fuji TV / 2008), Tomo is also typecast in “bad-boy” roles, several which he plays a murderer.

In recent years, however, Tomo has become known for his stage work, acting in several theatre productions including “Atami Killings” stage plays (2011 and 2014) and Broadway’s ‘The Addams Family” in his first musical since Tenimyu.


Height: 173cm
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Date of Birth: 1988年05月03日
Hobbies: skiing, snowboarding, shopping
Special Skills: hip-hop dance, backflips, cooking

Tomo is the oldest of two siblings, with one younger brother and very family orientated (he mentions his family a lot in his blog). He is a graduate from the same school as actor Kubota Masataka (Kanagawa Prefecture Industrial High School). The two even having acted together in the drama Karyu no Utage. Tomo is known around the fandom as the pretty (or cute) boy and not that smart, which he himself admits (watch NEP LEAGUE XD). He is, however, a self-confessed shopaholic and collects jewellery that are mainly necklaces and piercings.  And also names D-BOYS members Seto Koji and Makita Tetsuya as his best friends.



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