Hashimoto Taito

TAITOactor橋本 汰斗
Hashimoto Taito

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Hashimoto Taito joined D-BOYS in 2008, just before good friend Takahashi Ryuki, and soon afterwards started to act. His two most notable roles are as genius tennis prodigy Fuji Shusuke in the Prince of Tennis musicals and the feline-like greeeed Kazari of Kamen Rider OOOs.

Taito’s most respected D-BOY senpai is/was Masaki Kaji, and like Kaji, Taito also loves theatre and performing. He has (to date) appeared in five D-BOYS productions, his first KARASU~04 (2009), as well as, other productions. To name but a few * Pnish * Vol.12 “Western mode” (2010)Koipan (2011), musical ALTAR BOYZ (2012), THE ALCARD SHOW (2013), Musical “Club Seven9th Stage” (2013), Musical “Ride like the Oath” (2014).

This makes Hashimoto Taito one the busiest working D-BOYS.


Height: 172cm
Birthplace: Tokyo
Date of Birth: 1991年11月01日
Hobbies: basketball, dance, listening to music
Special Skills: capoeira, gymnastics, acrobatics, English conversation

Taito is very talented individual, as is his family; his grandfather and father (Hashimoto Jin) are both musicians, while his father is also a Muay Thai athlete.  Furthermore his younger brother is a professional dancer with a B-Boy crew (and the other still in high school). So its no surprise that Taito can sing and dance. During his career with D-BOYS, Taito has demonstrated several types of dance styles from breakdancing, capoeira, urban, and was challenged to tap dance (w Takahashi Ryuki).  He can also perform Shintaisho (Tumbling) and is well versed in English conversation due to having many foreigner friends.


Notable WorksLike many other D-BOYS before him Taito acted in TeniMyu and played the final Fuji Shusuke to conclude the first season of TeniMyu as a part of the fifth Seigaku cast.

Due to casting troubles with the role of Fuji Shusuke, he debuts in their second musical, The Treasure Match Shitenhoji feat. Hyotei Gakuen while the Imperial Presence role of Fuji Shusuke is played by Aiba Hiroki and fourth-generation Fuji portrayer, Furukawa Yuuta. During his run with TeniMyu in acted in 5 productions, all of which he co-starred with good friend Takahashi Ryuki (who played Echizen Ryoma).

Another role Hashitmoto is most known for is as the feline Greeed Kazari from Kamen Rider OOO. Hashimoto won the part, and alongside with Yamada Yusuke, whom he auditioned with in 2008, starred as an antagonist throughout the series. His first appearance as teenager-human Kazari is in episode 5. His character colour yellow.

As noted before, Hashimoto is a passionate theatre performer acting in several productions since his debut in 2009.

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